Wholesale marijuana snapshot: A review of prices in adult-use markets

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Over the past several weeks, Marijuana Business Daily took a deep dive into average wholesale prices in state-legal adult-use marijuana markets.
Nevada marijuana cultivators say the wholesale price for a pound of average-quality flower is $2,000, down from as high as $2,800 one year ago because of increased supply. This chart shows the current acceptable levels of pesticides for Nevada’s cultivators, according to the Nevada Department of Taxation. Click here to learn more about the factors affecting wholesale marijuana prices in Nevada.
The price of wholesale cannabis flower in Washington state is on the rise, but marijuana business owners don’t expect the trend to last. Prices range from $340 per pound for outdoor-grown flower destined for extraction to $1,800 per pound for premium indoor-grown flower. Get details on how the number of cultivator licenses and weather conditions impacted Washington state’s wholesale prices here.
Once the most oversupplied market for wholesale flower, Oregon did not place a limit on the number of cultivation licenses. But things are turning around for Oregon cultivators, leading some growers to expand facilities and ramp up production. Get details on current wholesale marijuana prices and how they compare to 2019 levels.
Marijuana cultivators in California report a positive upward trend for wholesale cannabis pricing and demand. While indoor and outdoor flower is selling for roughly the same price per pound as in 2019, greenhouse-grown cannabis is commanding 30% more than it did this time last year. Get additional details on California’s cannabis market here.
Colorado cultivators report that the wholesale market for cannabis has “finally stabilized,” with flower commanding a price per pound of $600-$1,400, depending on growing conditions and quality. That stability reportedly stems from some cultivators leaving the industry and acquisitions by large firms, among other factors. Learn more here.
Wholesale prices in Alaska remain among the highest in the nation, likely a reflection of the heavy tax burden levied against licensed cultivators. More than other states, Alaska’s market for wholesale flower is driven by THC levels, with prices ranging between $2,600 and $4,000 per pound. Click here for more details about pricing.
Wholesale cannabis prices in Michigan are up significantly from last year, with the change likely a reflection of the state’s nascent adult-use marijuana market. Recreational cannabis sales began Dec. 1, 2019, with totals reaching nearly $6.5 million the first month. More information about Michigan wholesale pricing is available here.
The price of wholesale cannabis is soaring alongside demand in Illinois, which ushered in adult-use marijuana sales Jan. 1. The industry collected $40 million in retail sales the first month, and supply is tight, driving up the price of wholesale flower. Learn more about Illinois’ wholesale marijuana pricing.
Wholesale cannabis prices in Massachusetts are expected to fall as regulators grant more licenses and the adult-use marijuana market in the state matures. Learn more about Massachusetts’ wholesale market.
4 comments on “Wholesale marijuana snapshot: A review of prices in adult-use markets
  1. Miranda Weigler on

    It would be super cool if you could standardize your rubrics so we could do an actual comparison across borders.

    It’s also a shame we are still constrained by state borders, national legalization would do a lot to stimulate legal economic activity.

    • Bryan Whitehead on

      States such as Illinois have gotten Adult Use legalized by promising thousands of highly paid jobs for the people in the State. I see little chance (read zero) that States will support importing cannabis products from low cost centers like Colorado and Oregon.

  2. Craig sangster on

    I am based here in Oklahoma and rarely see any charts or comparatives using numbers from Oklahoma. Always interested in seeing where we stand.


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