Survey: Majority in Germany still opposes adult-use cannabis legalization

A slim majority of eligible voters in Germany opposes legalizing recreational marijuana, according to a new poll.

The results come from a survey conducted in December by Infratest dimap – one of the leading polling agencies and research institutes in Germany – for the advocacy group Hanfverband.

The survey, along with a recent vote in Germany’s federal parliament, suggests any business opportunities from legalization in Germany might be further off than some executives predict.

The CEO of Canadian producer Aphria, for example, has repeatedly opined that Germany could be on the cusp of legalization.

The company, however, has declined to provide any facts to Marijuana Business Daily to back up CEO Irwin Simon’s theory.

The recent survey asked whether cannabis should be legal and regulated for adults, citing Canada as an example; 51% of respondents answered no and 46% yes.

The percentage of those who favor legalization slightly improved compared to a 2019 survey, returning to 2018 levels.

Opposition to legalization is higher among women and in eastern Germany, reaching almost 60% in both groups, survey results show.

The older the population, the higher the opposition to legalization.

In terms of political affiliation, a majority of CDU/CSU voters oppose legalization, while support is highest among supporters of the Left and the Green parties.

Germany significantly expanded access to medical cannabis in early 2017, but that move hasn’t led to recreational legalization in the short term.

Germany’s parliament soundly rejected a recreational legalization bill in October.

Daniela Ludwig, the government’s drug commissioner, reiterated in November that the law will not change on this matter during this legislative period.

The next Bundestag elections are due in September 2021.

Even in the most optimistic scenario, it is unlikely legislators would take up legalization in the earliest months of any new legislative period.

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