Three More Michigan Marijuana Dispensaries Raided

Michigan state police and FBI agents raided three medical marijuana dispensaries in the state capital belonging to a local dispensary business, the latest action by law enforcement against MMJ in the Great Lakes State.

Broadcaster WLNS said agents this week seized marijuana plants, supplies, cash and personal belongings from three dispensaries owned by Lansing-based HydroWorld.

The raid occurred days before Lansing lawmakers consider a moratorium on medical marijuana shops in the city.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration, which was also reportedly involved in the raids, executed search warrants on the three dispensaries, WLNS reported.

HydroWorld owner Danny Trevino, dubbed “the Professor of Pot,”  said he plans to stay in business and that the raids won’t deter him from continuing in the MMJ trade.

The raids are the latest in a series of moves by law enforcement across Michigan in recent months. Michigan is also one of the few remaining MMJ states without a statewide regulatory system approved by state lawmakers, because lawmakers can’t seem to agree on the rules.

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8 comments on “Three More Michigan Marijuana Dispensaries Raided
  1. dana gignac on

    This is not a good country to do business in, even when one follows every law pays all the taxes and runs a business like a business the feds and state nimrods will always harrass and manipulate the laws to their greedy benefit, America is no better than those countries our idiot leaders espouse. Some day there will be a revolution in America to free our people from government abuse, waste and fraud.

    • Crusty on

      Very well spoken. I’m so tired of heating we are the greatest country on earth. How narcissistic we are. I know many Chinese, worked with them, actually they worked for me. Great humble hard working happy people who laugh at our government. They taught me so much. This country sucks, and yes I’m leaving soon

  2. Greg glue on

    Danny t has helped a lot of sick patients over the years and has been a great asset to the city if Lansing and he has been attacked by the authorities for FAR TO LONG!!!!

    • Jj on

      There’s nothing legal about a dispensary. Law clearly states that a caregiver works with their 5 patients. This is not what Hydro world does, all these shops sell to anyone with a card. For you out of the box thinkers who say, let’s get a bunch of caregivers under one roof and start a shop working with all our “patients”..this is called a collective which is also illegal. All these violations will get big government attention, who will address a few large commercial growers, aka quality goes down and price goes up. Black market goes up and the war on marijuana is in full swing again. Moral of the story get yourself a caregiver.
      Think Walmart vs farmers market.

      • jack on

        Section 4 e cleary states that a caregiver can receive compenstation from ANY registered patient with NO metion of being connect through the registry. Its states if your a caregiver you can only grow for 5 patients, the two parts of the law are totally different.Lawmakers and police and Bill Shthead Schutte says compenstation does not included money, who is this jkoff trying to fool compenstation of coarse includes money. I f your a caregiver and within all likmits you can sell to any registered patient per section 4 e of the mmmp law.

  3. Bill on

    I think that because the state police receive federal funds, they have to follow federal law or loose that money. I have heard it said more than once from the state police; “Obviously, people are unaware that marijuana is still illegal”. Until the federal government passes a law legalizing medical marijuana; we will continue to have these issues.

  4. Colleen Cade on

    Government isn’t happy unless everyone is miserable. What good does it do anyone to follow the rules and guidelines if they are unfairly misjudged? They always gotta get their grubby hands in on other people’s hard earned money. They have the care that just ain’t there. Mr Trevino has done alot for this community and has never asked for a dam thing in return. Shame on you political piggies.

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