Virginia lawmakers OK governor’s amendments to hemp regulations

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Virginia lawmakers approved Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s amendments to contentious hemp legislation.

Among the changes the governor made to a bill passed earlier by lawmakers concerned the amount of THC in hemp-derived products.

The initial measure barred retailers from selling products with more than 2 milligrams of THC per package, or more than 0.3% THC overall.

But under the Republican governor’s amendments approved Wednesday by the Virginia General Assembly, according to Roanoke TV station WSLS, such products may contain more than 2 milligrams as long as the ratio of CBD to THC is at least 25:1.

Regulating hemp-derived cannabinoids was a goal for Youngkin, who blocked legislation that would have allowed for retail adult-use marijuana sales to begin in the state next year.

With no legal avenues for the sale of recreational marijuana, hemp-derived products are poised to fill the void.

However, hemp industry insiders feared the new rules, including the THC cap and a mandate that bittering agents be added to topicals, would outlaw most of their inventory.

The bittering agent is no longer required, and hemp merchants and advocates welcomed Youngkin’s tweaks, according to WSLS.