Washington State Dispensaries to Benefit From PTSD Addition

A week after Colorado shot down an attempt to add post-traumatic stress disorder as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis, a new law goes into effect today in Washington State to do just that.

The new law makes Washington the 11th state to allow PTSD patients to obtain medical marijuana.

The move will help expand the customer base for dispensaries and lure PTSD patients away from the black market and recreational stores. But the benefits may be short-lived since dispensaries will be rolled into the recreational oversight system by next summer.

Meanwhile, supporters of the state’s MMJ industry are planning a legal challenge to the new law that pulls dispensaries into the same system as recreational shops. Backers are already raising money and plan a rally to further build support.

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6 comments on “Washington State Dispensaries to Benefit From PTSD Addition
  1. Eric Hollowaty on

    Nice to see the potential for WA’s 58k PTSD sufferers (my estimate) to get some help from this. And a nice boost for dispensaries – could mean $15M in annual sales to them at the state’s existing MMJ penetration rate (again, my estimate).

  2. Silverado on

    Patty Murray is such a huge supporter of our vets I’m sure she’ll go along with & supports all of this, right???
    Her brand of representation especially to the vets leaves LOTS to be desired. She should have been shown the proverbial door and thrown right out of it on her proverbial duff. Her and Maria What’s-Her-Name are pathetic on the cannabis issue especially…

  3. Bill Graf on

    Our Veterans deserve better treatment for PTSD than the opioids the VHA is giving them! I am part of a pro bono study, sponsored by Enigami Medical Cannabis, LLC. We are working to sign up Veterans with PTSD in legal medical cannabis states to see if they benefit from treatment with medical cannabis. We do not supply cannabis or medical treatment, but are contributing the online, patent-pending technology to allow participants to track their medications (cannabis, prescription and OTC) and the severity of their PTSD symptoms to help them and their doctors determine the best medication to treat their PTSD. Please visit and spread the word! We think Veterans and the VA will greatly benefit from this knowledge. Enigami Medical Cannabis, LLC is a subsidiary of Enigami Systems, Inc. ( ) . Contact: [email protected]

  4. Rick Fague on

    I’m very glad that Washington allowed MMJ to be prescribed for PTSD, since we have a huge military presence here, active and retired. PTSD takes away sufferers ability to sleep well, MMJ restores that ability.

    What happened in Colorado is very disappointing but at least it’s common knowledge now, so PTSD sufferers can easily bypass Colorado’s shortsightedness and medicate themselves anyway.

    Bad laws only make it easier for people to justify breaking them in order to help themselves and their families.

  5. Jane Dogon on

    Excuse me, all WA has done is effectively shut down MMJ. The laws went into effect to cripple effective distribution of MMJ because the Rec people kept crying over the fact they could not compete with MMJ Collectives. Who suffers to patients do because they crap in the Rec shops is NOT Medical Grade!! So laws changed and people are being put in jail now for helping people. Dispensaries have been raided and shut down and why because the law was changed a year ahead of schedule and the Rec Shops think they are going to get the business of ALL the patients who register with the state. Frankly why should a patient have to register with the state???!!! DO you have to register with the state if you are taking prescribed narcotics that are synthetic heroin, NO!!! The only reason for registering with the state is to create a paper trail on people and where and what they buy. Did you know that you can still be arrested for carrying a pipe to smoke pot in! In the news here in the Yakima area it was on the news how arrests for possession of pot and paraphernalia has increased since the Rec stores opened. Counties and cities are still allowed to ban the cultivation or sale of pot but here in Yakima county they are allowing a large dispensary that charges sales tax and they pay NO sales tax!! However in the city they closed down a Rec store who had a license. What is wrong with this picture???

    • David on

      It so strange Watching Oregon citizens, (who fought so hard following legalization) to keep their medical dispensaries open. They now seem OK with giving Oregon’s legislator’s the “we don’t need two parallel marijuana systems any longer excuse next session. Sound familiar ? Oregon’s rec. consumer’s just threw Oregon’s medical patients under the bus.

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