Willie Nelson Hopes to Debut Marijuana Strain Soon

In just two months, Colorado recreational shops may have some serious star power to contend with.

Country music legend Willie Nelson is planning on having his own personal strain, dubbed Willie’s Reserve, available in his own line of shops – and his plans might come to fruition as soon as September.

Nelson told Texas TV station KSAT that he’s hoping the strain will be ready by then. The singer, who first announced his new business plans in March, originally said he expected to be getting into the Colorado cannabis industry next year but apparently has moved up his timeline.

Nelson also told the station that he’s more interested in furthering the cause of legalizing marijuana nationwide than he is in adding to his fortune.

“It’ll generate talk, which is more important than money,” Nelson said.

The singer predicted that within 10 years, recreational cannabis will be legal nationwide.

“I never thought I’d see the day that pot would be legal anywhere in the United States,” he told the station.

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2 comments on “Willie Nelson Hopes to Debut Marijuana Strain Soon
  1. Gentle jim on

    We all owe Willy Nelson our thanks for speaking truth to the powers that have kept us away from one of Gods greatest gifts. I wouldn’t hesitate to guess that he caught a lot of hell for his honesty from the industry and law enforcement alike. God bless you and thank you Willy Nelson and all those who fight to end the War on drugs.
    Gentle Jim

  2. Kelly Baker on

    I am a long-term, verifiable WA State Medical Cannabis Patient. This has changed my life and has literally erased my other problems, to a point. I like the effects it has on my Chronic Severe Pain, Seizure Reduction, PTST symptom treatment, as well as Depression and Anxiety. Thank you WA State voters for voting in Medical Cannabis clear back in 11/98!!!
    I’m with Willie Nelson, except I’m easier to please. I’d be thrilled when Medical Cannabis and Medical Marijuana is fully legal across the board, nationally, all 50 states and territories, as well as the ability to travel over state lines, and your medicine be legal, just like any other medicine. That could happen soon as South Dakota is looking to join us, and Florida too, and if they will, we can convince really anyone, I’m pretty sure!!! Genesis 1:29

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