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Chris Walsh  | April 30, 2015
More than 100 marijuana stocks are currently listed on NASDAQ. Click to see our chart of the most relevant ones.

Oakland Dispensary Shares To Be Publicly Traded

Omar Sacirbey  | January 13, 2016
By Omar Sacirbey

Following a brutal 2015 for marijuana stocks, the cannabis investment sector has something to smile about to start the new year. The stock markets will soon welcome a U.S. dispensary to the ranks of the publicly traded: Black Oak Gallery, better known as Blüm Oakland.

Chart of the Week: Cannabis Stocks End 2015 With Bumps, Bruises

Becky Olson  | January 11, 2016

By Becky Olson

Last year was a tumultuous one for cannabis stocks, further deterring institutional investors from getting involved in a notoriously high-risk sector.

A sampling of 12 stocks analyzed by Marijuana Business Daily started the year off strong, collectively rising about 27% during the first few weeks of 2015.

Medicine Man Technologies Nears Stock Listing

Omar Sacirbey  | December 24, 2015

Medicine Man Technologies, a Colorado-based cannabis consulting firm tied to the family behind two high-profile marijuana stores, received clearance from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority on Tuesday to become a publicly traded company.

Its shares will trade on the over-the-counter markets, possibly as soon as mid-January, according to company founder and chief operating officer Brett Roper.


Week in Review: CBD Setback in Florida, Progress for Marijuana Research & Cannabis Stock Slump?

John Schroyer  | December 18, 2015

By Omar Sacirbey and John Schroyer

Legal challenges threaten to further delay Florida’s CBD program, a new institute in the Czech Republic promises to spur medical cannabis research, and a federal interest rate hike could impact marijuana stocks.

Here’s a closer look at several notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

Cannabis Social Network Clears First Hurdle to Nasdaq Listing

Omar Sacirbey  | November 5, 2015

By Omar Sacirbey

A fast-growing social network for marijuana users is entering a key phase in its quest to get listed on the Nasdaq, which would mark a groundbreaking development for the cannabis industry and MJ stocks at large.

Going Public Comes With Unexpected Potholes, Pitfalls for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

John Schroyer  | October 15, 2015

By John Schroyer

Taking a marijuana company public is often viewed as a great exit strategy, usually by entrepreneurs who are dreaming of a big payout.

It can also be a quick route to disaster, however, especially in situations involving a reverse merger – the most common method of going public in the marijuana space.

Founder of Prominent Cannabis Lab Forced Out

John Schroyer  | October 5, 2015

Genifer Murray, a longtime staple of Colorado’s marijuana industry, was recently forced out of her position as CEO and director of CannLabs, a company she founded in 2010.

According to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, there was an acrimonious split between Murray and the board of directors.

CannLabs, a publicly traded …

Marijuana Social Networking Site Applies for Nasdaq Listing

John Schroyer  | September 1, 2015

In another sign that the cannabis industry is moving towards the mainstream, the popular marijuana-focused social networking site MassRoots announced on Monday that it has applied for its stock to be listed on the Nasdaq.

If approved, it would become the first marijuana-related technology company to trade on the Nasdaq Capital Market and could pave …

Chart of the Week: Marijuana Stock Volatility Underscores Uncertainty, Industry’s Challenges

Becky Olson  | July 20, 2015

By Becky Olson

Marijuana stocks are a wild bunch.

One moment they’re soaring to the stratosphere, the next they’re plummeting back to earth and on life support…then they’re hitting new highs again.

The volatility highlights uncertainty about the industry’s future and publicly traded cannabis companies in general, as well as the fact that most cannabis-related …

Week in Review: Final Conference News, Symbolic MMJ Victory in TX + MA Licensing Overhaul

John Schroyer  | May 22, 2015

By John Schroyer, Becky Olson and Tony C. Dreibus

Final highlights from the Spring Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, the Texas Legislature passes a (possibly entirely) symbolic victory for medical cannabis advocates, and Massachusetts, embattled by licensing lawsuits, announces big changes in its MMJ licensing application process.

Here’s a closer look at notable …

Large Banks Say Cannabis Business Risks Still Outweigh Benefits

Tony C. Dreibus  | May 12, 2015

The nation’s largest banks aren’t willing to work with cannabis businesses because the risks of working with a product that’s federally prohibited outweigh any benefits, executives with the financial institutions told Bloomberg.

Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, KeyCorp and Wells Fargo all said they won’t consider working with marijuana companies because it’s still federally illegal …