Arizona lawmakers introduce marijuana interstate commerce bill

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Arizona could be the next state to approve interstate commerce for marijuana.

Lawmakers recently introduced House Bill 2770, which would allow marijuana products to be sold across state lines, Phoenix TV station KNXV reported.

“What this measure is trying to do is … get Arizona to that point to where they can be at the start line so that when the feds wave the flag they can start competing and start selling immediately across state lines,” Republican Rep. Justin Wilmeth, the bill’s sponsor and chair of the state House Commerce Committee, told KNXV.

Similar to efforts in other markets to expand marijuana retail and wholesale beyond state borders, the legislation is contingent on MJ legalization at the federal level.

In May, Washington became the third state to approve marijuana interstate commerce.

California approved marijuana interstate commerce in 2022.

Oregon’s governor signed into law the first marijuana interstate commerce bill in 2019.