Oregon now poised to export marijuana – provided the US government lifts its MJ ban

To shrink a massive surplus of cannabis, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed into law a bill that would permit the state to enter into agreements to export marijuana to other states.

However, such cannabis exports currently can’t be accomplished because federal law bars the interstate shipment of marijuana. The federal government must first lift its MJ prohibition for Oregon’s export law to take effect.

In another attempt to curb Oregon’s marijuana-surplus problem, Brown earlier signed into law a measure that would enable state regulators to reject new cultivation business licenses.

For more details on these efforts, click here.

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4 comments on “Oregon now poised to export marijuana – provided the US government lifts its MJ ban
  1. Rick Johnson on

    The war on drugs has been costing the country and it is not working. The government has made a mistake in rating marijuana as a class 1 drug.The amount of people imprisoned for marijuana has cost and continues to be running the government farther into debt.
    I have read several articles that say that over the last 30 years it has cost about the same as the national debt. We are ignoring the fact that studies have shown that marijuana has medicinal purposes and we are being held back from finding more. The old laws had hidden agendas, it is still doing parts of what they were trying to do. It is sad but true that the largest number of people imprisoned for marijuana has been minorities.
    We can change all of that by decriminalization
    of marijuana.
    The taxes in states that have legalized has been astronomical and putting money back into the states budgets, money for schools,infrastructure , drug alcohol , tobacco abuse education and repay social security.
    All the money saved will have an immediate effect on the national debt and return this country to the great country it once was.

    • M.H. on

      Believe it or not OR actually has the best weed in the nation, in my long, vast personal experience. The only problem is they keep it for themselves and only sell the dirt to people from Cali, because all they want is cheap garbage to ship east.

      I consistently blow Cali top shelf out of the water with my product from OR, but I have to tell people its from NoCal because of this false reputation. Go there and see for yourself

  2. Kevin Murphy on

    Wow! That’s good news. Now cannabis is getting broader and more acceptable more than ever. Let’s be cannabis advocates. Great post!

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