Australian medical cannabis available in German pharmacies for first time

Flower and extracts produced in Australia by two different companies are now available in the German medical cannabis market for the first time, Marijuana Business Daily has learned.

The flower, grown by New South Wales-based Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG), was imported and batch-released by Cologne-based Cannamedical.

Cannamedical exclusively sells it to German pharmacies under the company’s Cannamedical Indica forte brand.

The batch-release certificate – seen by MJBizDaily – shows that the product has approximately 22% THC, no meaningful CBD and an expiration date of June 2021.

The flower is not irradiated, Cannamedical CEO David Henn told Marijuana Business Daily.

The extracts are manufactured by Western Australia-based Little Green Pharma, which sent its first commercial shipment to Germany in November. 

The products were imported and batch-released in Germany by Aphria subsidiary CC Pharma and sold to pharmacies by German wholesalers AlephSana and AMP Alternative Medical Products, Fleta Solomon, managing director of Little Green Pharma, told MJBizDaily.

In all cases, the extracts are sold under the Little Green Pharma brand, with two formulations available – one is high in THC and the other is a balanced THC and CBD content:

  • LGP Classic Cannabis Extrakt 20:5.
  • LGP Classic Cannabis Extrakt 10:10.

With these new products, Australia joins a select number of countries supplying flower or full-spectrum extracts to the German medical cannabis market, including:

  • Canada.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Portugal (some of the product was originally grown in Uruguay).
  • Spain.

Other countries have conducted shipments to Germany, but they have been for scientific purposes.

If products were shipped from other countries for commercial purposes, the products were not available to patients in the pharmacies usually surveyed by MJBizDaily as of the time of publishing.

Shares of Little Green Pharma are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange as LGP.

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