Florida Entrepreneurs Voice Opposition to CBD Industry Rules

Hopeful entrepreneurs in Florida packed a meeting with regulators to argue against proposed draft rules for the state’s cannabidiol (CBD) industry.

Several expressed concerns over a proposal to restrict producer/distributor licenses to individuals who have operated plant nurseries for at least 30 years, saying it would take experienced cannabis operators out of the fold. They also took issue with the lottery-style method for choosing applicants that will receive licenses.

“The most qualified companies may not even apply,” Kerry Herndon, a hopeful entrepreneur, said at the meeting, which lasted seven hours.

Others said the system would create monopolies for a handful of suppliers. Bill Pfeiffer, a former state administrative judge who is working with a group of cannabis investors, said businesses should be able to sell their products in multiple locations across the state.

, Florida Entrepreneurs Voice Opposition to CBD Industry Rules







The draft rules envision five licenses for producers/distributors of CBD-based extracts, with each business limited to serving a specific region of Florida.

Regulators must approve final rules by Jan. 1. An official said the health department will hold another workshop in July before finalizing the rules.

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7 comments on “Florida Entrepreneurs Voice Opposition to CBD Industry Rules
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    This is all BS. The opposition is still mad and making it impossible to go forward. We will have to wait until after the election to take on the regulators.

  2. Jeff Brown on

    Free the herb free the people. The DEA’s own law judge called cannabis one of the safest therapeutic substances known to man. Everyone has a right to this God given herb and it should be as cheap as tomatoes.

  3. Bill McConnell on

    Gov Scott is keeping to the rules of letting his rich cronies from the GOP gobble up this opportunity to become the Cannabis Kingpins in the sunshine state.In my opinion it’s time to clean house and reload a new team before this is allowed to continue putting Big Pharma and connected Millionaires in charge. Lets all vote in Nov to get Scott out of town. Charlie Crist who’s boss John Morgan is one of the key guys behind prop 2. I hope he could be more committed to a relaxed positive attitude in leading us all towards cannabis freedom we can all benifit.

  4. len on

    Yes..Still MAD….make us jump through hoops, I don’t wish my pain on them, I’m Much Kinder!! Die American Farce on Cannabis!

  5. Bill McConnell on

    Gov Scott hides behind the excuse that Medical Cannabis is supported by his sympathy for the families of children with seizure conditions that can be helped by pot. In reality Scott is lining up his rick white friends to line their pockets with millions of $$$! In reality while Charlotte’s web is effective for some, Scott ignores the hundreds of older people who suffer daily pain from Chemo and the habit forming so called legal drugs big pharma peddles through the legal drug system the makes millions in the name of good medicine. We need Scott sent packing and real leadership that understands how many people suffer daily from Cannabis prohibition laws that have to be removed from the law books, not just here in Florida, but across all 50 states. GET SCOTT REMOVED IN NOVEMBER!

  6. Paul Busby on

    Time To REMOVE Rick Scott from Gov’s office and run him out of town. The only way for cannabis entrepreneurs to get a fair opportunity to do business in this state is VOTE CHARLIE CRIST in November. Please vote.

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