Florida Takes Another Stab at CBD Regulations

Florida officials will begin trying to recraft regulations on the production and sale of CBD-based medications, pushing out the opening of the state’s first dispensaries past the initial January target date.

Tuesday marks the first public workshop on the issue after a judge forced the state to scrap a lottery system it initially planned to use to award licenses. The judge said licenses should be granted based on an evaluation of applicants – not by chance – and that companies can’t pair up with others to become eligible for a permit.

How many meetings it takes to actually determine final regulations remains to be seen, and it’s unclear when dispensaries will open.

New rules will change the selection process and govern where the five companies chosen to grow, process and cultivate non-euphoric marijuana will be able to locate their businesses.

State legislators will hold committee meetings in January and no doubt discuss any suggested rules.

The revised rules could help the overall legalization effort in Florida: Crafting responsible laws governing high-CBD marijuana may lead to easier adoption of broader medical cannabis laws, the Tampa Bay Times said in an editorial.

A ballot initiative in November that would’ve legalized medical marijuana in general in the state narrowly failed, falling just shy of the 60% voter approval needed for passage. Advocates have said they’re redoubling efforts to put the initiative before voters again in 2016. Lawmakers could also attempt to pass an MMJ measure in 2015.

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6 comments on “Florida Takes Another Stab at CBD Regulations
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    More ridiculous ignorance from the police state. Just get out of the way, we the people already know how to use the cannabis for healing. We want and need Free Market Hemp.

  2. Catherine Cinocco on

    With prior experience in Colorado I would like information on how and when I can apply for licenses I bring over 14 years experience

  3. Victoria Smith on

    Florida legislators are overwhelmingly Republican. Interesting that they chose a communist-type approach to the mmj industry – strict control over the number of providers, outrageous licensing fees and regulations that cover every minor detail of production and sales. Republicans really hate freedom and free markets, and here’s the proof.

  4. Jeff Brown on

    Its time for the legislature and attorney general Pam Bondi to act. Pam Bondi has the authority to reschedule marijuana. Currently the state of Florida has it in schedule I, the most restrictive. A schedule I substance can have no medical use in the United States. Clearly it does not belong in schedule I as Florida and 30 other states say it does have medical use. Florida needs to reschedule and demand the feds to do likewise. Its the responsibility of the states to act on this issue. If enough stand up to the feds then the feds have to follow. The people have already spoken.

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