Israeli MMJ lab company expanding to North America

An Israel-based company that specializes in quality-control testing equipment and standards for medical cannabis is using a newly raised $1 million in investment capital to expand its business operations into the North American market, the latest indication the marijuana industry is quickly going global.

The firm, Cannabi-Tech Ltd., did not specify in a press release where in North America it will be setting up operations.

Cannabi-Tech describes its testing platform for marijuana as “patented optical testing and advanced imaging tools for the industry’s most accurate quality-control testing.” The company also has a number of other tech services it will offer to cannabis companies.

The announcement came amid a recent flurry of international marijuana business activity over the past few months, including moves by Canadian cannabis companies, U.S. firms exploring opportunities in Australia, developing markets in Guam and other U.S. territories, and more.

The international cannabis industry, as well as cooperation and deals between marijuana companies in different countries, will almost certainly continue to skyrocket in coming years.