Louisiana lawmakers approve bill allowing sale of medical marijuana inhalers

Louisiana’s medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed to sell cannabis inhalers to patients under a bill headed to the governor’s desk.

The added delivery method for patients should be a boost to retailers’ bottom line.

Final passage came in an 82-0 House vote for the measure, which will let medical marijuana patients use an inhaler, like asthma patients use.

Before Baton Rouge Democratic Rep. Ted James brought forth the bill, marijuana usage was allowed only in medicinal oils, pills, liquids and topical applications.

The inhalation legislation initially bogged down in the Senate amid objections about widening delivery methods.

But senators changed course, voting 31-7 for the measure after tightening language to spell out metered-dose inhalers will be allowed and nothing else.

Medical marijuana isn’t yet available to patients. Regulatory disagreements slowed getting the product to shelves, with estimates that it could be available this summer.

– Associated Press

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6 comments on “Louisiana lawmakers approve bill allowing sale of medical marijuana inhalers
  1. Michael on

    Just think Louisiana residents, by the time you are 617 years old, product might be on the shelves for sale. The Agriculture Commissioner has held up medical marijuana for too many years. I hope you remember this when it is election time. He has gotten so overweight, he actually has fat roles on the back of his neck, that is so disgusting, talk about addiction problems. There is a gentleman from Natchitoches that is running against Strain and he has my vote, I hope he can count on your vote as well. Thank you.

  2. Vance Jonson on

    Strain can forget it ! He’s done and better start cleaning his desk off ! He forgot who voted him in and the same people will put him out ! See ya want ever get my vote again and so many more are VOTING you out MR! And can’t wait to see the look on his face ?????

  3. Russell J. on

    It is a shame that the people that we elect to an elected office much to often forget who they are working for and who put them in office and who will take them out of office. I have seen this much to often throughout our politicians in Louisiana and at the federal level. It has several names like they now have the big head, and they forgot where they came from are two of the most used for people like Mike Strain. He must have thought that he could have milked the legal medical marijuana like he has with no consequences and still get reelected to his elected job. All I say is just keep breathing and watch what happens to you.

  4. Paul Hebert on

    If zionis could get there hands in cooky jar it would change. This is always the problem what poor people oppressed with money for them. I be blind before this is stupid law makers can find a way to help there campaign backer masters from babalon.

  5. Dale miller on

    My psychiatrist said that he wants me to stay on mood stabilizers I smoke marijuana
    And I can focus so much better and I can solve any problem I will trade my pill drugs
    For your cannibis please reply

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