Louisiana Senate reverses course, supports medical marijuana inhalers

Louisiana senators revived a proposal to allow medical cannabis patients to use inhalers, only two days after rejecting the idea.

The measure, if enacted into law, could spark additional MMJ sales in Louisiana.

The state Senate on Monday passed a reworked bill with a 31-7 vote, sending it back to the House, which had overwhelmingly approved an earlier version.

The measure would allow MMJ patients to use a metered-dosage device, similar to what asthma patients use, but would continue to ban vaping.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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3 comments on “Louisiana Senate reverses course, supports medical marijuana inhalers
  1. Willis couch on

    A great accomplishment long needed to help med marihuana recipients. Proven with benefits to our veterans suffering ptsd and other ailments instead of administering opioid drugs resulting in addiction defeating a reasonable purpose. Once state govt figures who gets license to dispense patients will then be able to gain asccess.

    • LAuok on

      Our (Louisiana) politicians represent an uncanny amount of incompetence in the regard to the marijuana issue. Truly the most jovial thing ever.

  2. Vance on

    I promise you politicians will Be looking for another job when votes can be counted for holding back on legalizing medical marijuana! ! We the people put y’all there and will be the reason you will be dismissed ……

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