Another Louisiana grower set for initial medical cannabis harvest

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Louisiana could have a new MMJ product source as soon as March or April, with Southern University poised to begin harvesting its first crop next week.

The Baton Rouge school’s medical marijuana cultivation partner, Ilera Holistic Healthcare, currently is cultivating 2,300 plants, The Advocate reported.

Ilera began growing the plants in July.

State law allows only Ilera and Louisiana State University’s partner, Wellcanna Plus, to grow medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana sales in Louisiana began last August with limited product in a small market.

Under Louisiana’s restrictive medical marijuana law, the state’s nine dispensaries are allowed to sell only three tinctures. Smokable flower and vape products are not permitted.

While awaiting its MMJ harvest, the Southern-Ilera partnership in January announced the launch of hemp-based CBD products.

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One comment on “Another Louisiana grower set for initial medical cannabis harvest
  1. Brian Murrish on

    just think if it was New Orleans that brings the economy back? Off the record I grew up smoking this, I am 49 & depending on what state you are in you can use This or not I have spasticity @ night, in 1988 the right side of my brain was hit now when I sleep my left leg jumps smoking good marijuana has been the only thing that has any effect on this. They are going to discuss it this November whether to make it legal. With this coronavirus to say you can only smoke this @ home, I do think this would work.

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