9 MA Provisional Licenses Revoked, 11 Cleared to Proceed

Massachusetts has dropped the ax on 9 of the 20 businesses that won initial approval for medical marijuana dispensaries back in February. Among the rejected business owners are former Congressman William Delahunt and Harborside Health executives Andrew and Steve DeAngelo.

Officials said the 11 remaining dispensaries will be given certificates allowing them to set up operations and undergo inspections. The rejected business owners can apply for licenses next year, officials said.

Officials said the companies were rejected due to problems discovered during a recent review, which included expanded background checks, a detailed audit of corporate statements and face-to-face meetings with the applicants.

Delahunt’s company, Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts, had won three provisional licenses, while the company the DeAngelo brothers formed, Green Heart Holistic Health, received one provisional license.

The other rejected businesses are: Good Chemistry of Massachusetts, with locations in Boston and Worcester; Brighton Health Advocates, Fairhaven; Debilitating Medical Condition Treatment Centers, Holyoke; and Greeneway Wellness Foundation, Cambridge.

After the announcement, Andrew DeAngelo released a statement expressing his disappointment.

“Our only regret is that we will not have the opportunity to bring our pioneering best practices, gold standard industry model to the patients and greater community of Boston,” DeAngelo said.

The licensing process came under fire in February after local media pointed out inconsistencies in scoring and potential conflicts of interest.

Two winning dispensary owners later admitted to falsifying support from local politicians on their applications. Newspapers highlighted Delahunt’s political connections to Public Health Department Commissioner Cheryl Bartlett, although both parties denied any conflicts.

, 9 MA Provisional Licenses Revoked, 11 Cleared to ProceedAfter the media reports, several losing applicants filed lawsuits to stop the process from continuing.

Lawmakers had hoped to open dispensaries by this summer, however the new timeline calls for a few dispensaries to open in November, with the majority not opening until February 2015.

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6 comments on “9 MA Provisional Licenses Revoked, 11 Cleared to Proceed
  1. Richard Comenzo on

    MA patients are in need of quality dispensaries. As of now and until dispensaries open, none of the medicine has been tested. DPH is doing nothing to control the illegal distribution of marijuana by caregivers who provide to more than 1 patient. Our doctors have advised patients against using caregivers in RI or in MA. We urge the Commonwealth to expedite this process but do not forsake quality. We have yet to hear of any approved testing facilities in MA.

  2. Andy on

    Agreed I was so surprised that Mass took this approach when next door in Ct it was full control w/ a responsible pharma approach which creates a closed,taxable system, this maximizes the states revenue similar to our alcohol and casino taxes. Most of the responsibility falls on the producers, dispensaries really just distribute

  3. Advocate on

    How on earth was Nick Vita’s group – Patriot awarded a the provisional go-ahead? Doesn’t get much more crooked than that. Hopefully they’ll be stopped dead in their tracks before final approval.

  4. mmj patient on

    @Richardo- check out MCR Labs. Not only are they testing but they are ISO qualified. Only the second in the cannabis industry and first on the East Coast.

  5. massvocals on

    you understand the meaning of patriot our government is our servant yet they openly act as a serpent to master over the people , these laws in books are lies frankly history shows this truth so there for this federal enforcement is a tyrannical enslavement to the means of keeping employment over the very law . as the law is unjust . for this point liberty is at risk

  6. massvocals on

    we have every right as people to defend our will to our vote , the people must understand that liberty and right is one we must defend even against law enforcement who refuse to stop the attacks

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