Michigan to permit online registrations for medical marijuana patients, doctors

In a move that could boost dispensary sales in Michigan, medical marijuana patients and their doctors will be able to register and renew registrations for the state’s MMJ program online beginning next month.

The change is scheduled to start by Oct. 8, according to The Detroit News.

Andrew Brisbo, director of the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation, said the online option will likely make the registration and renewal processes easier and quicker for many MMJ patients and doctors who have so far relied on paper forms.

“Currently, we process all applications within 15 business days of receipt, and this could potentially shorten that time frame within a couple of days,” Brisbo told the News.

He said his agency will maintain its paper process for those who prefer it.

According to the newspaper, the online registry process will be available to medical marijuana patients without caregivers, or about 69% of Michigan’s MMJ patients.

The update comes as Michigan more tightly regulates the state’s medical marijuana industry and voters consider a November ballot proposal that would legalize recreational cannabis.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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2 comments on “Michigan to permit online registrations for medical marijuana patients, doctors
  1. Zeia casab on

    That’s opens the door for more fraud. Stupid idea. It is a process not convenience for the state to get it done faster. How are you suppose to see a patient when they want to talk to a doctor. May as well be FaceTime or Skype. Around the state. I have a clinic that helps a lot of patients to talk to the doctors we have. And a lot are elderly.

    • Joshua on

      I’m not sure you understand the process. Here in FL, our application is online and there’s no fraud, patients can see their doctor’s as often as they’d like, and doctors can see their patients as often as they’d like. And no, FaceTime or Skype isn’t permitted.

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