New York move to ban flavored e-cigs spurs cannabis vape concerns

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing to enact a statewide ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes amid growing health concerns connected to nicotine and marijuana vaping.

New York would be the second state after Michigan to take such action.

Cuomo announced Sunday that the state health commissioner would be making a recommendation this week to the state Public Health and Health Planning Council.

The council can issue emergency regulations that would go into effect as soon as they are voted on and start being enforced in as soon as two weeks, following a short grace period for retailers, officials said.

Cuomo’s planned ban on e-cigarettes could produce fallout for the cannabis industry, particularly vape products, down the road.Marijuana vaping bans, New York move to ban flavored e-cigs spurs cannabis vape concerns

Vaporizers have been the fastest growing product segment in the cannabis industry. The negative publicity swirling around vaping could prompt states with legal marijuana programs to target vapes.

Cumo’s announcements comes as the Trump administration is preparing to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, a move that could have ramifications for the marijuana vape market in the event of federal legalization.

Meanwhile, vaporizer sales have begun to fall in California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington state.

Health authorities are looking into hundreds of breathing illnesses and six deaths reported in people who have used e-cigarettes and other vaping devices.

Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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3 comments on “New York move to ban flavored e-cigs spurs cannabis vape concerns
  1. Tom Segrich on

    The proposed flavored eliquid ban by Cuomo and the recent media blitz hit job on vaping originated from the recent tragic deaths and illnesses of some people who, as the reports had and are still confirming had used illegal black market THC oil.

    The genesis of this whole debacle is the use of ‘street drugs’….not vaping.

    How did we ever connect illegal street drug use to a legal and effective Nicotine Replacement Therapy product category?

    Perhaps this onslaught of media disinformation and government fear mongering and draconian measures to destroy a potentially wonderful public health mechanism is actually a diversion scheme to keep the focus OFF the fact that our federal and state governments actually caused the tragic deaths and illnesses of these individuals by not legalizing recreational marijuana and thereby fostering a black market with no regulation or oversite to ensure the safety and public good.

    This thing was never about vaping.

    It was about illegal THC oil…dangerous and fatal street drugs.

    Cuomo, and many of our state and federal governing powers could have legalized recreational THC use years ago and eliminated this black market with no oversite or regulation or measures to ensure a safe and unadulterated product.

    Shame on our government.

    This entire scheme makes no sense.

    To add to this ridiculous and perilous disinformation campaign, the government and media have actually just committed murder on a massive scale.

    Millions of US citizens – adults – who smoke cigarettes are now believing that vaping is actually more dangerous than smoking cigarettes!

    These people will now continue to smoke cigarettes – millions of our parents, brothers, sisters, friends – and anyone else who smokes cigarettes. And cigarette smoking is guaranteed to KILL 1 out of 2 people who smoke.

    This is disgusting. Wrong. Evil.

    While underage vaping is illegal, so is smoking, alcohol, and a variety of other products and activites.

    The idea of removing a lifesaving adult product from the market because some underage people found access to these products is absurdity at best, murder at worse.

    Question: why aren’t we banning cigarettes???

    Question: why aren’t our media and politicians doing the same blitz hit job against tobacco companies??



    • RandiK on

      This is not a monolithic issue, as the government is making it out to be. First, e-cig companies like Juul (for nicotine vaping) did target children and underage smokers through aggressive marketing campaigns that leveraged favored kids’ flavors, references and images to entice them that vaping was fun and safe. The FDA dropped the ball on this early and is only now trying to repair the damage. Nicotine vaping in middle schools and high schools across America is rampant. Kids are hooked. Parents have no idea how to help their kids break the addiction. Issue #2: black market nicotine vaping cartridges that are compatible with, but not manufactured by, the e-cig manufacturers. These can be filled with dangerous chemicals that make the user seriously ill. This is an issue that could be addressed by regulating vape pen manufacturers and requiring them to warn users to buy only authentic refill cartridges. Not perfect but it would be a start. Last: cannabis vape pens – making cannabis legal drastically reduces the market for black market products, including THC oils and cartridges. But due to the cannabis industry’s continued illegal status at the Federal level, we have very little scientific research on the safety of vaping products and ingredients. Products that are illegal do not get research grants in the US. So we have legalized products with THC that are likely very safe on their own (conventional consumption) but have not been standardized or tested to better understand what additives can be dangerous and what ingestion methods may be hazardous. THC and CBD are naturally occurring substances that have a long history of human use. But how they are processed, what chemicals are added and how they are used in modern production needs more attention by regulators. We cannot just allow the industry to police itself. The industry has no history or precedent for doing rigorous scientific testing.

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