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Profits are a rarity: California’s new regulated marijuana market six months in

Half a year into California’s newly regulated marijuana market, it’s worth asking: How are licensed companies in the state doing financially? The short answer: Many are struggling. Chelsey Miles, a Sacramento-based accountant and consultant who works with licensed manufacturers, retailers and distributors, said most companies are “breaking even, but I don’t think they might be […]

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Key business lessons from Sweet Leaf’s loss of 26 marijuana licenses in Denver

Earlier this month, Denver stripped Sweet Leaf of all 26 of its city-issued marijuana licenses for what authorities characterized as a management-directed illegal sales “looping” scheme that allowed customers to buy cannabis multiple times a day. Sweet Leaf maintains its innocence. The news garnered a lot of attention from cannabis sector experts, who generally agreed […]

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Electric utilities work with cannabis growers to save on power costs

Despite knowing for years that electricity is a major expense that can significantly affect everyone’s bottom line, marijuana businesses – especially growers – are still struggling to keep costs manageable. The good news is that a burgeoning number of utility companies are working with cannabis cultivators to better manage costs.

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Chart: Can medical marijuana programs survive in states with recreational markets?

Medical marijuana programs in states that went on to legalize adult-use cannabis are suffering.

Data from MMJ programs in Colorado, Oregon and Nevada – the only states with both an active recreational marijuana industry and a pre-existing MMJ patient database – shows patient counts steadily declining in the months and years following the launch of each state’s adult-use market.

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Week in Review: Good news for Michigan medical marijuana, Oklahoma market narrows & Maine veto override

The Michigan medical marijuana industry sees an expansion of qualifying conditions and new licenses, Oklahoma adopts emergency medical cannabis rules, and Maine’s MMJ market opens up in new ways. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the cannabis industry over the past week. Kick the can? The Michigan medical marijuana industry got a double […]

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Cannabis boom or bust: How US firms could be affected by Canada’s adult-use market

It’s crunch time for Canada’s cannabis companies as they hustle to prepare for the October launch of the country’s legal recreational market. South of the border, everyone tied to the legal marijuana scene is watching closely to gauge whether this historic milestone might translate into an economic boom for U.S. firms as well. Tremendous opportunities […]

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Marijuana M&A activity spikes as some cannabis pioneers cash out

Merger and acquisition activity is accelerating across the cannabis industry as more companies land multimillion-dollar capital infusions and ink deals aimed at growing market share. The momentum is giving more company founders an opportunity to cash out at an attractive price – or leverage the deals to launch their next venture. The flurry of activity […]

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