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Ancillary marijuana companies hit by declining economies pivot to emerging MJ markets

Tumbling wholesale cannabis prices in some markets are devastating plant-touching operators and generating negative fallout for ancillary companies that provide services and products to those businesses. In order for supplementary companies such as accountants, consultants and security firms to continue to grow and maintain healthy revenue streams, some owners are looking to emerging cannabis markets […]

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Chart of the Week: California marijuana business licenses expiring at a rapid clip

California’s cannabis industry is facing a licensing quandary, which state legislation likely will address, but the situation could still prove problematic for businesses that want to comply with the law instead of joining the illicit market. The problem: Thousands of temporary business licenses – under which most of the legal MJ supply chain has operated since […]

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Colorado may soon allow its $1.5B marijuana industry to open to outside investors & more of the week’s top news (SLIDESHOW)

Colorado looks close to welcoming a surge of outside investors and capital to its marijuana markets, Hawaii kicks off a program allowing qualified visitors to purchase medical marijuana, bills pending before the California Legislature could mean the state’s cannabis industry might see another tumultuous year of changes – plus other important news from around the MJ space.

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Industry experts: Federal marijuana reform an uphill battle, but odds brighten for veterans’ access to MMJ, banking

Is federal marijuana reform on the near-term horizon? Some cannabis industry officials believe so. They point to strong public support for legalization, an increasing number of state-legal marijuana programs and the U.S. House flipping to the Democrats last November. But federal reform – which could open up billions of dollars of cannabis business opportunities – remains […]

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