Cannabis Today & Tomorrow: Riding the Surge of Infused Pre-Roll Automation


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Dive deep into the rise of infused pre-rolls and discover the automation game-changers powering the industry.

The cannabis pre-roll sector has evolved dramatically over the years. What started as a simple hand-rolled endeavor has transformed into a world of advanced automation. Now, there’s a palpable shift in the wind. Traditional pre-rolls don’t cut it anymore. A surge in demand for infused pre-rolls demonstrates that customers desire a deeper, multifaceted cannabis experience.

And we’re not just speaking anecdotally here—recent market data reinforces this shift. A comprehensive report by the cannabis data authority, Headset, examined pre-roll market dynamics across the U.S. and Canada. Between January 2022 and June 2022 alone, consumers shelled out a staggering $725 million on pre-rolls. What’s more, during this period, pre-rolls claimed 24.1 percent of the market in Canada and 12.6 percent in the U.S., reflecting notable growth since June 2021.

But here’s where it gets particularly interesting. The same report spotlighted that infused pre-rolls were significantly driving this market expansion. In the U.S., infused pre-rolls dominated the segment, accounting for a whopping 41.5 percent of overall pre-roll sales for the first half of 2022. Meanwhile, in Canada, the growth rate of infused pre-rolls was explosive, skyrocketing from a mere 0.1 percent in 2021 to 11.2 percent in the same period.

BDSA, another market research titan, echoed similar sentiments. Their findings indicate that infused pre-rolls are on a meteoric rise, with their share in total pre-roll sales ballooning from 39 percent in Q1 2021 to 57 percent by January 2023. Consumers are clearly gravitating toward these infused variants at an incredible rate.

And as consumer preferences evolve, there’s a growing call for specialized automation in production. As such, industry demand for equipment specifically designed for crafting sophisticated, high-quality, infused pre-rolls, has become more fervent than ever.

Enter the Era of Precision Automation

Across industries—whether it’s food packaging, cosmetics, apparel, or any other sector—harnessing technology is key to keeping pace with demand. And in the realm of cannabis, automation stands as the bridge between traditional craftsmanship and modern efficiency. It’s not about embracing the latest tech fad—it’s a calculated move to elevate product quality, maintain consistency, and optimize production.

With the industry’s strict quality standards, automation prevents human error. And for cannabis enterprises, this advantage ripples outward. Streamlined operations reduce the need for manual intervention and free up human capital. This allows focus to be placed on strategic roles, fostering growth and innovation.

Infusion Automation: The Pinnacle of Pre-Roll Evolution

Looking more closely at the technological marvels of the cannabis industry, one segment shows particular promise: infusion automation for pre-rolls. The demand for infused pre-rolls is rising, and so is the need for machinery that can deliver these intricate products with precision.

Understanding the need for this equipment is just the beginning—you have to use that knowledge to find machinery that can actually deliver. Beyond efficiently producing pre-rolls, you’re crafting memorable experiences that delight the consumer’s discerning palate and elevate the sensory experience.

This drive for perfection demands equipment that doesn’t just keep up but sets the trend.

For businesses standing on this threshold of innovation, the path forward is unmistakably clear: Select cannabis infusers that embrace automation, set the trends, and shape the future of cannabis consumption.

Leading the Pack: Top Infusion Automation Solutions Unveiled

1. STM Canna

Pioneers in their field, STM Canna has always blended precision with artistry, consistently sculpting the future of the cannabis industry. Their cutting-edge machinery seamlessly crafts more than 3,000 exquisite pre-rolls hourly, each dripping in quality and clocking at an astonishing 72 pre-rolls in just under a minute. Their hallmark One-Tray Workflow system, an embodiment of innovation, promises operators an experience of unparalleled control. Yet, whispers within the industry hint at an even grander revelation. As the dates for MJBizCon 2023 inch closer, all eyes are on STM Canna. The air is thick with anticipation, for many believe their forthcoming Infuser might not just set a new standard—it could be the very blueprint of the future. A future where STM Canna’s mark remains indelible. STM is currently scheduling free demos for interested parties, which are available by clicking here.

2. Custom Cones USA

Respected for versatility and efficiency, Custom Cones USA’s infuser handles up to 800 pre-rolls hourly with just one operator. Compatible with a wide array of concentrates, it utilizes a  rotating cartridge system, precisely placing an oil rod into 20 pre-rolls at once. A tablet accompanies the machine, providing remote control over all its settings.

3. Sorting Robotics

At the heart of Sorting Robotics lies the Jiko, which infuses pre-rolls of varying sizes. Harnessing the power of both pressure and temperature, it ensures optimal infusion results. Complementing its technological prowess, a sleek touchscreen interface grants users the ability to fine-tune settings based on the specific concentrate in use.

4. Credence Filling Systems

Building on the esteemed legacy of the CFS-1000 platform, the PRI-600 stands out, boasting the capability to infuse up to 600 pre-rolls hourly with pinpoint accuracy in concentrate placement. A testament to Credence’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, this machine features a PLC controller, complemented by a clear display screen and intuitive input buttons.

5. Maywaysky

Maywaysky’s machine offers high-capacity infusion, allowing simultaneous treatment of up to 100 pre-rolled cones. Beyond sheer volume, its versatility shines, supporting the creation of a varied range of infused products to satisfy diverse tastes. Users gain mastery over the infusion process, thanks to adjustable temperature settings, all accessed through a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

The Next Horizon in Cannabis Evolution

The cannabis industry has always been a tapestry of continuous innovation, adapting and evolving to meet shifting consumer desires. As pre-roll infusion automation emerges as the next big frontier, the industry prepares for transformative strides.

MJBizCon 2023 is coming soon, and all eyes are on the imminent unveiling by STM Canna, a revelation set to redefine the contours of cannabis advancement.