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Week in Review: Colorado’s flat marijuana sales, Nevada’s new MJ opportunities & Alaska’s cannabis tax ideas

Monthly cannabis sales in Colorado are flat for the first time since the state launched adult use, Nevada offers a select group additional opportunities in its recreational market, and Alaska weighs the idea of a new excise tax tier for marijuana cultivators. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the cannabis industry over the […]

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Oregon to inspect outdoor cannabis harvests in response to federal law enforcement pressure

Oregon regulators’ plan to observe and inspect the coming outdoor cannabis harvest will inconvenience many growers, but some industry watchers conclude it shouldn’t be much of an added financial burden. Here are the basics surrounding the issue: The federal government – in particular,  the U.S. attorney for Oregon – is scrutinizing Oregon’s MJ industry due […]

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Chart: Timeline for launch, projected sales in seven new marijuana markets

More than 60% of the U.S. population now lives in states that have legalized some form of marijuana use and sales, illustrating both the rising acceptance of cannabis nationwide and the industry’s immense potential for future growth. Several medical marijuana and recreational programs have yet to get off the ground, however. Here’s an update on […]

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Week in Review: Smokable flower in Florida, cannabis investing in Colorado & MMJ software woes in Maryland

A judge allows smokable medical marijuana in Florida, Colorado’s governor vetoes a bill to allow publicly traded companies to invest in cannabis businesses, and Maryland’s MMJ program experiences tracking software problems. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the cannabis industry over the past week. Smoking’s OK – or is it? Allowing the […]

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Marijuana industry banking woes: Here’s how some states are struggling to address them

U.S. cannabis companies are forecast to bring in as much as $10 billion in retail sales this year, according to the Marijuana Business Factbook 2018. But much of that money will go unbanked by financial institutions wary of possible sanctions for servicing businesses considered federally illegal. However, as more states legalize cannabis, regulators and lawmakers are […]

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California regulatory reversal: New marijuana delivery rules highlight Eaze’s political pull

New cannabis rules in California released Tuesday highlight again how fractious the state’s industry remains. The regulations also put the spotlight on the political influence wielded by a technology company that isn’t governed by the rules it has been lobbying to change. Several cannabis industry insiders say the updated regulations – issued by the state […]

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What are the medical marijuana business hurdles in Minnesota?

Minnesota has one of the country’s most restrictive medical marijuana programs, and MMJ businesses in the state have experienced significant financial, management and legal issues. However, it isn’t necessarily all gloom and doom when it comes to the future of Minnesota’s MMJ businesses. Nic Easley, a national cannabis consultant and CEO of Denver-based 3C Consulting, […]

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Interested in the cannabis packaging business? 4 factors to consider

Packaging is integral to brand building. And for marijuana businesses, it’s growing in importance in increasingly competitive ­- sometimes even oversaturated – markets. Before diving into the cannabis packaging industry, however, entrepreneurs should consider whether: There’s enough room in the sector for more players. To go big – or carve out a niche. They want […]

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