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Chart: Breakdown of California marijuana companies that got cease-and-desist letters

Nearly 1,000 individual cannabis businesses have been sent cease-and-desist letters or emails by California regulators during an ongoing enforcement process, a first step in a long effort to ensure the state’s industry is fully regulated and operating like those in more mature markets. According to a list obtained by Marijuana Business Daily, as of April 4, […]

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Week in Review: Illinois’ MMJ banking, Massachusetts’ rec licensing & Florida lawsuit

An Illinois bank stops serving Illinois medical marijuana businesses, Massachusetts begins its recreational cannabis licensing process, and a Florida MMJ company takes the state to court. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week. Illinois banking issue The Bank of Springfield’s decision to quit working with Illinois […]

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California testing labs expect marijuana ‘bottleneck’ in July

Marijuana testing labs are going to be the gatekeepers for California’s legal cannabis industry come July 1, when only lab-tested products may be sold by licensed retailers. And that means this summer could become a pain for any licensed cannabis company in the Golden State since most labs are predicting a shortage of testing services, […]

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Marijuana businesses experimenting with blockchain technology, but skeptics persist

A small yet growing number of marijuana businesses are adopting or experimenting with a nascent technology born out of the cryptocurrency phenomenon. Advocates say the technology, known as blockchain, could potentially: Solve the payment and banking hurdles facing cannabis businesses. Help companies obtain loans. Be used for seed-to-sale tracking – a common requirement in legal […]

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Chart: Medical marijuana patient counts, sales tumble in Maine

With adult-use sales still at least a year out in Maine, the gray market for cannabis is burgeoning – largely at the expense of the state’s regulated medical marijuana industry. Sales of MMJ through Maine’s eight licensed dispensaries fell by over $2 million in 2017 – a 9% decline – on the back of an […]

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Week in Review: California-Canada union, New Jersey’s MMJ expansion & a GOP thumbs-up for hemp

A Canadian cannabis business buys three California MJ companies, New Jersey expands its medical marijuana program, and a key Republican goes to bat for industrial hemp. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week. Northern invasion The announcement that yet another Canadian company – Ontario-based CannaRoyalty Corp. […]

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Wine-related firms look to uncork opportunities in marijuana

A growing number of companies that service the wine industry are now pursuing opportunities in the cannabis sector, hoping to generate new revenue streams. For marijuana businesses, that means a host of potential new ancillary companies to choose from, as well as added legitimacy from an industry that once appeared to be a potential enemy. […]

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Alaska recreational cannabis supply on the upswing, wholesale marijuana still fetching high prices

Alaska’s recreational cannabis market is slowly maturing. Supply is catching up to demand, but wholesale and retail prices remain some of the highest in the nation among adult-use marijuana markets. According to several business owners in the state, prices for a wholesale pound of cannabis flower in the Last Frontier range from $2,800 to $5,000 […]

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