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What are the medical marijuana business hurdles in Minnesota?

Minnesota has one of the country’s most restrictive medical marijuana programs, and MMJ businesses in the state have experienced significant financial, management and legal issues. However, it isn’t necessarily all gloom and doom when it comes to the future of Minnesota’s MMJ businesses. Nic Easley, a national cannabis consultant and CEO of Denver-based 3C Consulting, […]

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Interested in the cannabis packaging business? 4 factors to consider

Packaging is integral to brand building. And for marijuana businesses, it’s growing in importance in increasingly competitive ­- sometimes even oversaturated – markets. Before diving into the cannabis packaging industry, however, entrepreneurs should consider whether: There’s enough room in the sector for more players. To go big – or carve out a niche. They want […]

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Chart: Cannabis industry supports up to 160,000 full-time jobs, with more growth on horizon

Here’s a striking figure for the nascent cannabis industry that only recently began to operate legitimately: It supports 125,000-160,000 full-time jobs in the United States. To put that in perspective, the marijuana industry now supports approximately the same numbers of full-time workers as there are librarians and kindergarten teachers in the country – and roughly […]

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Week in Review: California assails unregulated marijuana, Oregon halts licensing & Michigan’s MMJ travails

California gets federal money to combat unregulated marijuana growers, Oregon suspends its cannabis licensing process in the face of a product glut, and Michigan extends a medical MJ permitting deadline. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the cannabis industry over the past week. Federal ‘Trojan horse’? A cannabis industry insider is suspicious […]

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Week in Review: Ohio cannabis real estate woes, Missouri ballot measures & Oregon legal jitters

Ohio medical marijuana companies spend thousands on real estate while awaiting licenses, Missouri MMJ businesses eye ballot measures that would prove most business-friendly, and Oregon’s top federal prosecutor calls out the state’s excess cannabis output. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the cannabis industry over the past week. Waiting for Godot No […]

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Benefits of due diligence: Q&A with GB Sciences CEO John Poss

John Poss is a self-described rough-water sailor who has made a career of righting the ship for sinking companies.

With three decades of experience consulting for companies undergoing major upheavals, he decided three years ago to dive into the cannabis industry.

Since then, as CEO of Las Vegas-based cannabis company GB Sciences, Poss has partnered with universities in the United States and abroad.

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California’s legal marijuana businesses blow whistle on unlicensed operators

A number of permit-holding marijuana retailers in California view unlicensed competitors as serious threats.

While fully compliant cannabis retailers across California are being forced to pass high tax rates on to their customers, some brazen unlicensed dispensaries advertise that they don’t pay state or local taxes, meaning their marijuana is far cheaper than prices at law-abiding shops.

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