Poll: Huge support for MMJ in Florida, Ohio

Legalization of medical marijuana has overwhelming support among voters in two key states likely to have MMJ ballot measures this November, according to new polling numbers from Quinnipiac University.

The survey, which focused on Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, found that voters in all three states overwhelmingly are in favor of legalizing MMJ.

A Florida legalization campaign has already gotten its initiative qualified for the November ballot, and the Marijuana Policy Project has an initiative in the works in Ohio.

Pennsylvania’s governor signed MMJ legislation into law last month.

In Florida, 80% of voters support the ballot measure legalizing MMJ, Quinnipiac found, with only 16% of voters opposed. That’s good news for the campaign, because it needs at least 60% of the popular vote to get the measure approved.

In Ohio, a whopping 90% of voters are behind legalizing MMJ, the poll showed.

The polling was conducted April 27 to May 8.

The numbers almost mirror a similar poll Quinnipiac released a year ago, when it found 84% support for MMJ in both Florida and Ohio.

Big poll numbers don’t always equate to electoral success, however. Just a few months before the 2014 election when MMJ was defeated narrowly in Florida, one poll found 88% support for the ballot measure there.