US ancillary cannabis company Kush Bottles expands into Canada

Another U.S. marijuana company is expanding into the Great White North.

California-based Kush Bottles, a major provider of packaging, supplies, vaporizers and other accessories for the cannabis industry, announced it is launching Kush Supply, a subsidiary based in Toronto.

This follows several other business forays by U.S. cannabis companies into Canada, including Oregon-based Cura Cannabis Solutions, Minnesota’s Vireo Health and Colorado’s Dixie Brands.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • According to a news release, Kush Supply will springboard off the company’s existing distribution platform and leverage its national sales team to make the move in anticipation of Canada’s federally legal adult-use sales in October.
  • Kush Supply will attempt to become a leading supplier of child-resistant product lines and create other solutions under its research and development arm, Koleto Packaging Solutions.
  • Kush Bottles has made several moves in the industry this year, including the $1.5 million acquisition of a distributor of vaporizers, cartridges and accessories as well as a $3.2 million purchase of a purveyor of hydrocarbon gas used by marijuana extract producers.

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  1. Joe on

    I’ve been trading kshb throughout 2018. I bough around the 4 range then sold at 4.35. Was waiting for the cycle to come back down to the 4ish range but I didn’t see that happening again. Bought again at 4.8 but this time I’m holding long term. Large upside in my opinion.

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