US attorney warns Oregon against interstate marijuana export plan

The U.S. attorney for Oregon has warned against a proposal to permit local cannabis companies to export crops and products to other states.

U.S. Attorney Billy Williams reiterated on Thursday the fact that transporting marijuana across state lines is a federal crime.

Williams is determined to crack down on out-of-state diversion in Oregon, which is beset by a marijuana glut.

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6 comments on “US attorney warns Oregon against interstate marijuana export plan
  1. Sondra Lake on

    Networking to promote MJ is ALWAYS the best plan to achieve success in all forms. I for 1 applaud Oregon for pushing the issue. It is an example of their historically frontier spirit. Granted the stock may be past prime now, but make no mistake Oregon can grow some weed ppl!! ?
    And let’s just do the stoner thing and spread the love the$$ and the trees. Besides, once Aurora comes thru the Pacific Coast, Oregon, you can bet money on as an exporter, they have lots of land and the farming industry model for real production. I’m headed up next year myself to insert my skills into their MJ Marketing Industry. Pass the dutche to the left hand side ?

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