Vancouver Dispensaries Test Canada’s New MMJ Law

Dispensaries in Vancouver are challenging Canada’s new medical marijuana regulations by continuing to operate despite a ban on such businesses.

According to The National Post, there are at least 35dispensaries currently operating in Vancouver, with additional centers opening every month.

All of the dispensaries are considered illegal under Canada’s recently-approved medical marijuana law, which allows a handful of licensed growers to distribute cannabis to patients via the mail.

British Columbia officials have publicly said they will not enforce aspects of the country’s new law. Vancouver police are following suit, and a spokesman said they have no plans to shut down dispensaries unless the businesses pose a “public safety issue.”

Some dispensary owners worry that a lack of regulations could allow bad practices to flourish.

At one Vancouver dispensary, patients must provide a photo I.D., sign a form pledging not to share their cannabis and receive a diagnosis from an onsite doctor before purchasing. Another dispensary boasts the slogan “Many Get Their Medical Marijuana License In JUST ONE VISIT!”

, Vancouver Dispensaries Test Canada’s New MMJ LawDana Larsen, vice president of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, said he hopes the city prevents a crackdown by issuing business licenses to good practitioners.

“I just hope it’s not too severe of a backlash and that the dispensaries operating at a high standard are left alone,” he said.

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One comment on “Vancouver Dispensaries Test Canada’s New MMJ Law
  1. Robert W. Stewart on

    The issue here is that the companies that are licensed as a Health Canada producer/distributor and those of us that are in the process to become producer/distributors are held to an extremely high product production standard that requires thresholds to be met for pesticide levels and mold counts in finished product. The dispensaries are getting product supplied from unlicensed growers and the use of these pesticides and loading agents and plant growth regulators (PGR’s) such as paclobutrazol (which is sold in many stores under many labels) used to enhance the weight of their finished product, is endemic to the unlicensed grower community in Canada and the US. There are are zero checks and balances on the production of the MM product supplied to dispensaries and a grower’s declaration of “No I don’t use that” or “there is no mold on my product” doesn’t cut it. Why should the dispensaries be permitted to operate unlicensed and sell product with the high probablity of containing harmful components and cancer causing agents when the individuals and companies applying to be producer/distributors are forced to play by the rules and spend big money to ensure GMP and protocols and be inspected constantly? I mean what is the intent here? Perhaps the client’s/patient’s/customer’s well being?? Isn’t that the raison d’etre of the MM business???…to bring this amazing medicinal plant to the masses in a healthy manner?? If anyone thinks that growers don’t use these types of growing materials then they are candidates for the Flat Earth Society. I’m all for dispensaries and for legality…but let’s keep it real folks. In the very least the dispensaries should be forced to purchase a LGC (liquid gas chromatograph) and test all product considered for sale and reject all product that doesn’t meet the standard set for the rest of the herd entering the industry. I mean seriously…it has to be a level playing field for everyone or those that don’t comply should be forced to comply or shut down.

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