Washington OKs Marijuana Cookies, Nixes Candies

Retail marijuana shops in Washington State can sell cannabis cookies, brownies and other baked goods, but hard candies, lollipops or gummy edibles are off limits.

The state’s Liquor Control Board (LCB) has published edibles rules that prohibit any edible marijuana products or packaging that explicitly appeal to children.

Regulators decided that candies are too appealing to children, while baked goods are not. Sodas and cannabis drinks were also approved. 

The decision clears the way for edible products to finally enter Washington’s retail market and could increase sales at the state’s handful of retail stores, which have thus far been prohibited from selling infused food and beverages.

Edibles are popular products in Colorado’s recreational market, however the they have also created media scrutiny and public controversy.

Washington’s new rules also establish a process by which edibles products gain approval. Edibles companies must submit photos of their products and packaging to regulators.

The companies must also pass a facility inspection and submit their products for potency testing.

The LCB did not provide a timeline for when edibles will enter the market.

3 comments on “Washington OKs Marijuana Cookies, Nixes Candies
  1. joanne Tesarik on

    Edible have no place in the rec market! Who really consumes something to have it effect them 1-2 hours later recreationaly? That is dangerous and irresponsible…..I think I will have a drink or two…Hmmm wonder when it will hit me…1 hour…2….see? Dumb! Edibles are medicine! So is cannabis but, oh well…


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