Week in Review: Recreational marijuana sales tumble, cannabis stores open during pandemic, Harvest-Verano deal dead & more

coronavirus marijuana, Week in Review: Recreational marijuana sales tumble, cannabis stores open during pandemic, Harvest-Verano deal dead & more

Only a few days after adult-use marijuana sales soared amid the coronavirus scare, they took a nosedive.

MJBizDaily takeaway: The roller-coaster ride in marijuana sales was to be expected. Initially, consumers, panicked by the pandemic, stockpiled products.

The sudden drop might mark a natural decline after consumers stocked up before sheltering in place, or it could be the result of economic pressures from the pandemic, which has resulted in the closure of restaurants, gyms, ski resorts and scores of other businesses as well as the loss of millions of jobs. Time will tell.

Which stay-at-home states are allowing MJ businesses to stay open?

Medical cannabis dispensaries can remain open in states that have ordered nonessential businesses to close. In most states, medical marijuana dispensaries are considered essential. It varies from state-to-state whether recreational marijuana stores can remain open.

MJBizDaily takeaway: This is further proof that marijuana has made it to the mainstream in the U.S. State and local officials from coast to coast have officially recognized that cannabis is essential to the quality of life for many Americans, just as pharmacies and hospitals are.

Harvest Health, Verano end giant cannabis deal

MJBizDaily takeaway: Megadeals in the marijuana industry seem to be increasingly a thing of the past as tighter capital availability, falling share prices and now pressures from the coronavirus pandemic put huge strain on transactions that were announced in far rosier times.

Marijuana drive-thru windows take off during coronavirus scare

Cannabis retailers are increasingly offering drive-thru service to help limit contact with customers amid the coronavirus scare.

MJBizDaily takeaway: Drive-thru windows – in some cases quite high-tech, much like e-commerce and deliveries – mark another way that cannabis stores are striving to provide social distancing between employees and customers during the pandemic.

Ontario, Quebec call cannabis sector ‘essential’

Regulated marijuana stores have been designated “essential” businesses in Canadian provinces such as Ontario and Quebec, which means they can stay open while nonessential businesses close their doors to customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quebec and Ontario accounted for 45% of the 155 million Canadian dollars ($108 million) in sales that the nation’s adult-use cannabis industry generated in January.

MJBizDaily takeaway: The Canadian cannabis industry dodged financial ruin this week. More than half of Canada’s 337 federal cannabis license holders are in Quebec and Ontario, so any halt – even temporarily – to their production would have been a devastating blow for already struggling industry.

Coronavirus impact on CBD sales unclear

CBD manufacturers are experiencing mixed impacts from the market turmoil caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Producers say their online sales are up, but they’re also suffering from the mandatory closures of mainstream retail outlets that increasingly carry CBD products.

MJBizDaily takeaway: Because CBD products are sold through traditional sales channels, they’re subject to the same market forces that affect any consumer packaged good. Where many states are allowing marijuana retailers to stay open despite shutdowns, some retailers selling over-the-counter CBD products aren’t getting special treatment.

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9 comments on “Week in Review: Recreational marijuana sales tumble, cannabis stores open during pandemic, Harvest-Verano deal dead & more
  1. thomas O'Brien on

    Every time the marijuana market shows signs of recovery, someone post an article without any statistics and facts and the misleading statements. THE MARIJUANA SALES TUMBLE. The fact’s will probably show sales are up for the month. Trying to cause panic to investors can get one in a law suite as the report on Trulieve proves. I hope they sue the short seller BIG.

  2. Bryan Sabath on

    In Illinois, the extremely high prices combined with 30% taxes create a system where people go to Ralph on the corner instead.
    Dispensary = 1/8 oz is $85 plus taxes is over $600 an ounce.
    Ralph = 1/8 oz is $40.

    Stupid article. Capitalism is the reason it has sold and the same reason sales are down.

  3. Jesse westley herrera on

    uhm, likely because getting high isnt considered an essential process. sales are still open for medicinal customers.

  4. Brian Babcock on

    Hmmmmm and most placest rec is closed while medical and alcohol sales are allowed. Wonder why the nosedive. A little more digging would ha e explained why. This article is agenda driven.

  5. M on

    People should be concerned about marijuana’s potential negative effects on the respiratory system, during the outbreak of this pneumonia-inducing virus.

  6. Alan C on

    gee thanks man … with an article like this. You couldn’t let us even have a week of something good in our industry. What kind of news agency is this that relies on our industry and integrates MJ in your name and you do this.

  7. Jeffrey Hudson on

    Gee, do you suppose the answer why cannabis sales rose and then dropped could be that recreational cannabis users understood the health instructions to shelter in place and consequently bought more product (stocked-up) and then actually sheltered in place. I’ve always thought my fellow cannabis users were smarter than the average consumer.

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