Massachusetts rec law poised to take effect Dec. 15, as planned

Massachusetts’ new recreational marijuana law appears poised to take effect as scheduled Thursday, overcoming initial questions over whether the official tally of the Nov. 8 vote wouldn’t be completed in time.

Spring 2017 MJBizConA spokesman for Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin said his office is expected Wednesday to provide the official tally for the legalization vote to the Governor’s Council, the Associated Press reported. Assuming the council certifies the count, the new law would take effect the next day, Dec. 15, as planned.

Galvin had earlier said his office might not finish the official tabulation in time for it to be certified by Dec. 15, the AP reported.

Under the new law, people 21 or older will be able to possess and consume recreational cannabis.

The next step in the Massachusetts rollout from a business perspective is the appointment of a three-member cannabis commission.

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