New York lets MMJ firms wholesale products, sell more brands

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New York regulators unveiled more steps to pump new life into the state’s struggling medical marijuana industry, including new rules allowing MMJ growers to sell their products at one another’s dispensaries to alleviate potential supply shortfalls and boost sales.

The New York State Department of Health’s changes also include an expansion in the number of products MMJ companies can manufacture and sell, the New York Business Journal reported. The wider product line should give companies more flexibility to respond to patients’ needs and increase sales.

The latest moves come a week after the health department added chronic pain to the MMJ conditions list, a move expected to boost demand for businesses and widen the potential patient pool.

As it now stands, New York’s five MMJ companies – which have been struggling to turn a profit – can only offer their medical cannabis products at the four dispensaries they each operate.

According to the New York Business Journal, the health department said allowing MMJ business to wholesale products with one another and lifting the cap on brands should improve the availability of medical marijuana – even when a crop fails.

Buffalo TV station WKBW reported the health department’s changes also permit hospitals to develop procedures to allow patients to self-administer certain MMJ products.