ASA Launches iPhone App That Fosters Advocacy Efforts, Provides Real-Time Raid Alerts

Staying on top of medical marijuana developments is difficult for even the most seasoned activist and business owner, let alone newbies to the cannabis industry.

The landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, and there’s an unending avalanche of news and updates each day. On top of that, there are a host of drives, event and rallies organized by industry and advocacy groups – which are easy to miss unless you’re extra vigilant. And then there are the federal raids, which are occurring more frequently and can serve as a good indicator of which way the MMJ winds are blowing.

The popular medical pot advocacy group Americans for Safe Access is hoping to help you get a better grasp on the industry, launching a free iPhone application that provides real-time updates on legislative issues,  political action alerts and access to ASA information.

The new service – called the ASA Advocate App – also has a host of extras. It lets users find businesses that back the organization’s mission, provides a link to a legal hotline and offers real-time alerts on raids, which is particularly useful for dispensary owners.

Americans for Safe Access hopes the app will help spread the word about the organization’s mission, help advocates become more informed and strengthen the MMJ industry as a whole.

“The ASA Advocate App is another way to empower grassroots action that is bringing change on medical marijuana policies to every corner of the country,” Steph Shere, the executive director of Americans for Safe Access, said in a release announcing the development. “We have to be innovative if we want the widespread public support that exists for medical marijuana to translate into concrete results. The ASA Advocate App will help put greater pressure on all levels of government to adopt sensible medical marijuana policies.”

The organization said the app is only available on Apple devices, but it will be offered on Android-based devices as well this spring. You can download it here, or check out this promotional video for the app.