Authorities close three more Sweet Leaf cannabis stores in Denver suburbs

Colorado Sweet Leaf stores Denver suburbs shut down for alleged violations, Authorities close three more Sweet Leaf cannabis stores in Denver suburbs

State authorities have shut down three Sweet Leaf stores in the Denver suburbs for alleged violations, the latest twist in the downfall of one of Colorado’s largest marijuana retailers.

Sweet Leaf’s marijuana licenses for those locations in Aurora, Thornton and Federal Heights were suspended Thursday while the state continues to investigate, Shannon Gray, spokeswoman for Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, told Marijuana Business Daily. The suspensions were first reported by Denver alt-weekly Westword.

Because of the ongoing investigation, Gray said she couldn’t disclose the specific violation or other details that led to the dispensary closings.

Earlier this month, the city of Denver revoked all 26 of Sweet Leaf’s cultivation, processing and retail licenses in Denver because of an alleged illegal sales scheme directed by company management.

Denver claims that Sweet Leaf made millions of dollars by illegally allowing customers to buy marijuana multiple times in a day.

As part of a lengthy criminal investigation, authorities last December shuttered Sweet Leaf’s stores in Denver, arrested a dozen budtenders and suspended the company’s marijuana licenses.

Sweet Leaf, which maintains its innocence and says it will appeal Denver’s decision, won a court stay this week from having to destroy all its marijuana product in the city.

In court documents, the vertically integrated company says it has at least $7.5 million worth of cannabis product in its Denver locations.

Sweet Leaf didn’t respond Friday to MJBizDaily‘s request for comment about the latest dispensary closures.

Sweet Leaf also has a store in Portland, Oregon, which remains open.

Gray said Colorado state officials notified local authorities of the enforcement action.

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5 comments on “Authorities close three more Sweet Leaf cannabis stores in Denver suburbs
  1. right wing drunkard on

    wow that’s really tough but for this thing to have any success then they will have to follow the laws to the letter. it sucks but there’s a reason why it stays illegal on the federal level. One of those reasons I suspect is because people can’t be trusted to follow the laws and this is an example of that. With today’s cannabis being the most potent ever there are only one or two reasons why anyone would want to buy it more than once a day and that is to re sell it illegally un taxed and when you mess with uncle sam’s money then you are asking for trouble.

    • Kidney patient on

      That’s an inaccurate & practiced sound bite.
      So is it better if I just walk around with my oz total of many selections all the time? Sounds risky.
      Sometimes I get strain fatique and need to switch up strains just to find one that works to cure my migraines and other aches.

    • James on

      Fully with you, thanks to the greed of the owners and not fully understanding the laws, and think “well they wont notice this or that” leads to the rotten apple in a barrel situation, this is exactly why its not legal federally yet.

  2. Rick on

    If the allegations are true, Sweet Leaf is an object lesson in why honesty is still the best policy. Honesty is also the path of least resistance.

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