California lawmakers seek to expedite cannabis rulemaking

In a move to ensure they can meet their January 2018 deadline to establish a new regulatory system for medical and recreational marijuana businesses, California legislators have established an “emergency rulemaking process” that won’t include a normal public comment period.

The lawmakers fear that going through a typical comment period would prevent the state from issuing marijuana business licenses beginning Jan. 2, The Cannifornian reported. Missing that mandated deadline would also delay the launch of the state’s recreational industry.

The new emergency regulations for the state’s medical cannabis market are expected sometime “this fall,” according to the news outlet, and rec rules will follow after that. But no hard timeline has been set.

The issue facing California legislators is that the merging of the medical and rec systems in June forced several state agencies to go “back to the drawing board” on a number of industry rules, The Cannifornian reported.

Those agencies include the Department of Consumer Affair’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, the Department of Public Health and the Department of Food and Agriculture.

However, state officials insist they’re on track to meet the January timeline to issue cannabis business licenses.

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4 comments on “California lawmakers seek to expedite cannabis rulemaking
  1. John Wallace on

    “emergency rulemaking process” that won’t include a normal public comment period.

    That almost makes me sick to my Stomach… Wonder what surprises will await the Cannabis industry in the Fall…

    They just about had everything done, then along comes Jerry Brown and this unknown Trailer bill ??? Where did that even come from???

    We have been working hard to keep medical and recreational separate in this state for many reasons, There goes all that hard work !!!

    Guess we’ll have to wait till the Fall and see what happens…
    Hold your breath everybody!!!

  2. Mike on

    Well well well, I wonder who will be getting those temp licenses. No public scrunity? Yes I was hoping to keep the medical separate but with rec why go to the doc, just self medicate. However us that care about and were working to keep pure organic for meds will probably lose out.

  3. Jason L. Beckner on

    Go to the Dr. Mike! The rules for home cultivation and acting as a primary caregiver w/o a license are more flexible and allow you to cultivate fairly large grows, depending on the reccomendation.

    You can make part time money as a non-profit and w/o a license. You can only give away less than an ounce under the adult use or legal market

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