California lieutenant gov. endorses recreational cannabis initiative

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom formally threw his full support behind a proposed ballot measure to legalize recreational cannabis on Monday, in an editorial published in the Modesto Bee.

The move marries Newsom to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), which has been supported – and largely funded – by tech billionaire Sean Parker. Although there are many more proposed legalization initiatives, Parker’s is the only one that seems to have the resources to mount a statewide campaign.

“AUMA strikes the right balance, setting in place strong protections for the public while allowing enough flexibility for regulators to tweak the marijuana market to make sure our kids and communities are safe,” Newsom wrote.

The move also makes Newsom one of the few statewide officials in the nation to come out in favor of legalizing adult use. In 2012, for example, the governors of both Colorado and Washington State voiced opposition to legalization.

Newsom is just the latest to get on the AUMA bandwagon – NORML, Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, the California Medical Association, the California Council of Land Trustees, and the California NAACP have all also endorsed the initiative.

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3 comments on “California lieutenant gov. endorses recreational cannabis initiative
  1. Grady Lavawolf on

    By far, far and away the most restrictive “pro” cannabis ballot measure.

    Please do not listen to the rhetoric of those that support this proposal, instead, read for yourself AUMAs details; ,make up your own mind don’t let it get made up by the supporters of this shameful sham of a ballot measure.

    • brian on

      Your view is totally short-sighted, bizarre, and one of the main reasons rec legalization has failed in CA in the past. The substance of the ballot isn’t critical. Ongoing legislation can always tweak the substance, as we’ve seen in CO, WA, and OR. There’s only one ballot initiative with momentum and resources, and that’s AUMA. Without AUMA, nothing will pass. Period. Principled lefties can’t f— this up for the rest of us.

  2. pwebber on

    The illicit market, drug cartels and gangs will thrive under the AUMA due to it’s overly restrictive laws and taxation. The illicit market will be more affordable. Cannabis is medicine and should not be taxed. Legalization is still prohibition and the AUMA is a perfect example of that. Mexico ruled in their supreme court that cannabis is a human right, human rights have no borders or specific geographical location, they are rights that are endowed to every human being, even here in the U.S. California is sure showing it’s nazi roots with the AUMA, it’s not something to promote or show case, it’s a disgraceful shame on humanity. The poor will be hurt the most under the AUMA, their medicine will become too expensive for them to afford. If you live in California, get ready for cartels and gangs to take over your neighborhoods like you’ve never seen before…many people have already moved…I’m moving too, good bye California, enjoy your new AUMA war zone.

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