CBD-infused beer gets go-ahead for national distribution

Shipping across state lines? No problem, as long as you leave THC out of the equation.

A Colorado-based beer maker that produces CBD-infused brews has received the green light from the federal government to distribute its product line nationwide, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Dad and Dude’s Breweria, which is based in an eastern Denver suburb, told the news outlet that it has received permission from the Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which oversees interstate beer sales. The agency still must approve a product label for the company, but once that happens the company will be permitted to ship and sell its line of brews across the United States.

Although the beer line, George Washington’s Secret Stash, is infused with CBD, the company has been careful to remove all THC from the brewing process to ensure it can legally ship across state lines. Cannabis products that contain THC are forbidden from such practices, given marijuana’s ongoing status as a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

Other cannabis companies that want to expand across state lines must establish grow or manufacturing operations in each state they wish to sell their product, instead of having a central production hub and then shipping across the country from there.

Dad and Dude’s Breweria is not the first infused-beer producer to sell across state lines, however. According to U.S. News and World Report, at least three others are already distributing cannabis seed-infused brews across the nation, including California-based Humboldt Brewing Co., Utah-based Uinta Brewing Co. and Missouri-based O’Fallon Brewery.

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3 comments on “CBD-infused beer gets go-ahead for national distribution
  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Great little report. Thank you, Marijuana Business Daily. I recently tried one of the hemp-seed brews by Uinta, purchased in a beverage center here in upstate New York. It was very much a tasty stout in flavor.

    However, most political interference in cannabis markets is based on nothing but fraud and lies. Don’t let any group of lawmakers tell you delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is dangerous. They are lying, and they have no right whatsoever to prohibit us from obtaining it. In symbiosis with the other cannabinoids and natural compounds in cannabis plants, THC is just as medicinal as cannabidiol (CBD). Willfully ignorant politicians (even some advocates) are using non-psychoactive CBD to drive a wedge through the cannabis community, and lending lots of credence to the notion that divided we are conquered (that’s precisely how prohibition has remained in place so damned long). Imagine the resurgence of jobs and economic opportunities when all 25,000+ different consumer products derived from the raw materials of cannabis (its fibers, pulp, seeds and seedless female flowers) are widely manufactured and transported across state lines. I hope this story portends the proper federal agency for all future (and fair) cannabis regulation. I’ve been arguing for years that federal and state “marihuana” laws not only need to be completely repealed, but that we should also rename the federal regulator the Bureau of Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives—the same agency established to manage the aftermath of our disastrous alcohol Prohibition. Lets abolish the Drug Enforcement Administration, and direct a portion of the taxpayer funds saved to thusly restore justice for all cannabis growers and entrepreneurs in America. Enough of this crap is enough.

    • Nick Bird on

      Crap it is, which starts with C and also stands for Criminal. In a perfect world ALL Cannabis terpenes would have already been removed from Drug Scheduling, the US Supreme Court would have already heard the Criminal cases against thousands of Law Makers, Judges, State and County Sheriffs and most of their deputies for Unlawfull Prosecution and replaced the hundreds of thousands of Marijuana Inmates in jails and prisons. How else can this plant of renown heal the nation?

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