Coming to Vegas: A Casino That Serves Cannabis?

A well-known name in the cannabis world might offer cannabis enthusiasts in Las Vegas the ability to order more than a beer or bourbon while playing the slots.

High Times, the 42-year-old cannabis lifestyle magazine, is hoping to open a casino serving cannabis in Sin City if Nevada voters approve a ballot measure in November to legalize recreational marijuana, according to a recent piece in the New York Times.

High Times apparently is eyeing a location for its cannabis-friendly hotel and casino just off the Las Vegas strip.

“The company is deep in talks with partners to open a series of high-end cannabis-consumption lounges in Colorado, where adult use of marijuana is legal, and in Las Vegas, where medical marijuana is legal under Nevada state law,” the Times reported. “In Las Vegas, the company’s partners have also secured a cabaret license and a gambling license as well as approval for an off-site dispensary at an undisclosed location 150 feet off the Strip.”

Whether or not that becomes a reality will depend on Nevada voters, and the law would need to expressly allow casinos and cannabis to coexist.

But as the head of the state’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol noted to a local ABC affiliate, polls show that legalization enjoys about 60% support.

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2 comments on “Coming to Vegas: A Casino That Serves Cannabis?
  1. Dan on

    The Nevada Gaming Control Board has confirmed and taken a firm stance that even if the state of Nevada legalizes cannabis for recreational use it will not allow cannabis to be sold or consumed in a location that has gaming. According to the GCB, cannabis is federally illegal therefore not allowed and will not grant a gaming license. In addition, one can not operate gaming machines in a private space. All gaming must be available to the public so the operator won’t be able to have a “private club” or membership program to allow consumption. I hope this changes in the future but for now this is the way it is.

    • Anna on

      This is true. I ‘m not sure why High Times has not done their research before talking to the NYTimes. Federal legalization is a long way yet, and at the very least, restricting those with gaming licenses (including the big Strip Casinos ) can help local businesses establish themselves, as well as help the medical dispensaries recoup some of their investments. I think it will be approved, but NV is definitely aware of the opportunity a lot of people see to set up shot in the Silver State.

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