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New Bulk Cannabis Drying System Released

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ABM Equipment of Vancouver, WA has developed a new system which dries up to 10,000 lbs. of cannabis per hour with minimal loss of cannabinoids. This is a significant improvement over last year’s larger and more expensive tumbler & belt dryers, which burned more CBD and energy respectively.

ABM’s process accepts fresh or baled whole plants, shreds it to <2”, and meters the hemp into fluid-bed dryers. The premium biomass is then separated from the stalk and packaged for extraction.

This method is able to retain more cannabinoids because it uses heat as an accelerant rather than a primary driver of evaporation, thereby burning less CBD. Additionally, the majority of lost trichomes are captured and returned to each batch instead of accumulating on the wall of the dryer or being lost into the environment.

Fluid beds are also distinct in that they push air up through the product (instead of pulling it alone). When combined with the vibration of the bed, this principle fluidizes and maximizes the hemp’s exposure to air. When air is pulled from above, concentrated air streams are formed which need more time to remove the inevitable wet spots.

ABM Equipment Co. Inc. is a systems development and integration firm with 40 years’ experience in bulk processing and hundreds of proprietary solutions in place for large players in the food and pharma industries. ABM believes these technologies will help bring the cannabis industry up-to-speed with efficiencies being achieved in other sectors.

“Now that cannabis is being grown in the volume needed for large scale processing, leveraging the most controlled and efficient systems will be crucial” said Jeff Walling, owner of ABM Equipment. Regarding their system he went on to say, “We’re extremely confident that this approach will provide some of the best results in the industry.”


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Pure CBD Vapors Now Offering Customer Subscriptions

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The #1 CBD vape company Pure CBD Vapors has now made it even easier for customers to enjoy their daily doses of hemp with a brand-new subscription service.  This exciting new service allows customers to sign up in order to receive automatic shipments of their favorite CBD products that Pure CBD Vapors has to offer.  Customers can choose to receive new replacement shipments every two, four, or six weeks, depending on their unique hemp regimens.

Many people out there take hemp daily as part of their wellness routine.  CBD products in general have been growing in popularity over the last several years— and for good reason. With more studies being conducted, it has become increasingly apparent just how euphoric this non-psychotropic component of cannabis can be.

It can be difficult to remember to restock CBD supplies before running out.  Pure CBD Vapors knows how important it is to customers that they don’t run out of their favorite CBD goods, which is why we’ve provided a way to ensure that this doesn’t happen.  Customers simply select the option to receive recurring shipments upon checking out, and we take care of the rest.

This applies to the following product types that we carry on our website:

  • CBD vapes
  • CBD flower
  • CBD oil/tinctures
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD topicals
  • Smokeless CBD
  • CBD skincare and beauty products
  • CBD pet goods

This innovative new service also means that customers can spend less time worrying about their current supply and focus more of their energy on enjoying the unique effects for which the hemp plant has become renowned.

About Pure CBD Vapors: Pure CBD Vapors has been offering high-quality yet refreshingly affordable CBD goods to the general public since 2014, when first launching as a CBD vape retailer.  Each product is screened to ensure that it meets their incredibly high standards.  Plus, all products available in the online marketplace are lab-tested and held to rigorous quality standards.

TruSteel Announces the EVO-6 Series, a New Wiped Film Distillation Unit

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Easy expansion and scalability to minimize downtime and maximize production.

Grass Valley, CA: TruSteel today announced the EVO-6 Series, a new wiped film distillation unit. The EVO Series brings a revolutionary modular design for a rapidly scaling botanical and pharmaceutical extraction industry. Built with the future in mind, the EVO’s superior design is the simplest and easiest way to add distillation stages to perfect the output product. Each additional module allows for a more flexible process to create the ultimate wiped film distillation unit. The control modules have advanced networking capabilities to provide easy integration into a master control unit that eliminates operator error. Other units claim full automation, but frequently fall short on the safety features and ease of access that TruSteel provides.

“This machine will change the way the industry approaches short path distillation.” says Ray Van Lenten, CTO of TruSteel. “The upgrades and features we’ve added to our EVO Series make it the most versatile and efficient Wiped Film Distillation unit on the market. Our motto for this year is Innovation, Automation, and Integration. We hope to set the bar for industrial process controls.”

Features and benefits of The EVO Series include.

  • Full automation — stand alone or with system connectivity capabilities
  • Modular design for easy scalability
  • Customizable process controls
  • Remote monitoring and datalogging
  • Sanitary designed and manufactured
  • Lockouts, user permissions and logging for enhanced quality control
  • Turnkey Setups for a complete working system

The EVO Series will be available starting 4/15/2020, with stand alone modules starting at $230,000.00 and add on units at $160,000.00. For more information on the EVO Series, visit or call us today 530-802-0420


About TruSteel: TruSteel is a professional team of engineers with years of experience in the extraction industry. Our tagline “By Extractors, For Extractors” reflects our knowledge of the industry and our commitment to help those in it thrive on a large scale.  We understand how important the quality and productivity of your equipment is to your business, but also the relationship that you have with the manufacturer. We could sell you a product but we’d rather find you a solution.

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