Etain relocating medical marijuana dispensary to Manhattan

In a move that could generate more revenue, Etain is planning to close its medical marijuana dispensary in Albany, New York, and open a new location in Manhattan.

The New York Health Department has already approved Etain’s move, the Albany Times-Union reported.

Etain, one of five licensed medical marijuana companies in the state, serves 475 patients in Albany, according to the newspaper. By contrast, the company’s Manhattan location – expected to open in July – will have roughly 1.6 million people from which to draw potential patients. Etain’s Manhattan dispensary also will be only the fourth in New York City.

“There are not very many dispensaries in the five boroughs … so there’s a large population of people who don’t have immediate access to a dispensary,” Etain COO Hillary Peckham told the Times Union. “On the opposite end of that, there’s three in the (Albany area).”

Etain is one of four MMJ companies in New York fighting the state’s plan to issue five additional licenses. The companies contend the increased competition may harm an industry that’s functioning below capacity because of a relatively small patient pool.

Though Etain is shuttering its Albany dispensary, Peckham told the Times Union, the company will provide home deliveries to patients living in the Albany region.

As part of the service, Etain will offer online and phone consultations with a company pharmacist to place orders. Deliveries will then be made by two security guards, one of whom must remain in the vehicle at all times, similar to an armored car delivery, the newspaper reported.