Former Police Chief to Lead CO Marijuana Enforcement

A former police chief and U.S. Marine Corps Reserves colonel who served in combat positions in Iraq and Kosovo has been tapped to lead Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, the Denver Post reported.

Jim Burack, who also spent 12 years as the police chief of Milliken, Colorado, takes the job after serving in the Marijuana Enforcement Division for about two years, most recently as its chief of investigations.

Burack fills the shoes of Lewis Koski, who left the MED about two months ago to become deputy senior director for the Colorado Department of Revenue’s enforcement branch, the Post reported.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division is part of the Colorado Department of Revenue and is responsible for licensing and regulating the state’s cannabis industry. It also implements legislation, develops rules and enforces compliance mandates.

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2 comments on “Former Police Chief to Lead CO Marijuana Enforcement
  1. jill st thomas on

    I envision a day when the MED is run and led by creative doctors, caregivers and administrators that are more focused on making the Colorado Marijuana legal markets a safe reliable, functioning market without using preconceived judgement , hostility, and most importantly NOT treating patients and MMJ industry business owners as criminals. Do we really need police officials running this industry – do they run alcohol? Do they run pharmaceuticals or the natural health industry – food for thought.

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