Questions in FL Over Obtaining Cannabis for CBD Program

Entrepreneurs in Florida are wondering how they will obtain cannabis clones and seeds, as the state’s recently approved cannabidiol (CBD) law does not provide any guidelines.

Florida’s CBD program allows five companies to cultivate cannabis, synthesize it into CBD oil and then sell it via dispensaries spread strategically throughout the state. But the law does not outline how the businesses are supposed to obtain cannabis seeds, plants or tissue cultures for their first crop.

It’s a common issue in new medical marijuana states, which typically fail to address how growers are supposed to get started. In many cases, officials simply look the other way, and cultivators obtain clones and seeds via the black market.

Transporting cannabis across state lines is federally illegal, and entrepreneurs in Florida told the Sun Sentinel newspaper that they are unwilling to break the law to start their businesses.

One of the co-sponsors behind the CBD bill, Democrat Katie Edwards, said the state could possible obtain cannabis through the University of Florida, which could procure it from the federal marijuana research project at the University of Mississippi.

That plan presents a problem: the Mississippi farm has not disclosed which strains of cannabis are under cultivation there, and high-CBD strains may not be available.

, Questions in FL Over Obtaining Cannabis for CBD ProgramAnother co-sponsor, Republican Matt Gaetz, said the easiest way to obtain the initial marijuana needed is “a nondescript white van moving along I-10.”

“How these entities get started is clearly not something set forth in the law I passed,” he said. “I think anybody looking for some sort of comforting immunity is going to be sadly disappointed.”

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11 comments on “Questions in FL Over Obtaining Cannabis for CBD Program
  1. trent on

    The bigger question is where are the seeds coming from because the Stanley Brothers with the charlottes Web strain is not going to give it away. These politicians know absolutely zero about this industry.

  2. Robert Platshorn on

    The Florida bill was a scam by Gaetz and Katie Edwards to try to stop Amendment 2 (real medical mj). They made sure no one will ever produce the CW strain they passed in thier bill. If it ever gets to the kids who need it, it won’t work. Way too little THC. Lastly, my dear dummies, you want clones from proven plants, not seeds. You would have to grow many generations from seeds to get a decent mother plant to clone. If they are really interested, Mike Boutin(“Weed Country) will be speaking at Meet the Experts III on July 19. Mike has been growing real medicine for real patients for thirty yrs.

  3. Dee on

    And the wheels on the bus go round and round. Yet again they make laws without thinking them through. Legalize something you can’t even obtain and then wonder what to do. Morons. But alas it is the Feds and their Interstate Commerce BS we have to deal with in making these states legal within only their own state lines.

  4. seeds on

    The Stanley Brothers, although doing very well with CBD, are not the only people who have high CBD rich products. Do some research please before uprooting your families to move to a state where you are going to be on a waitlist.
    South Carolina, I am sorry to hear of your struggles.
    @Robert…not true about having to grow generations out. I represent a seed company here in California and we have now, 6 different CBD rich strains stabilized. With ratios up to 30-1, with CBD levels up to 23%. Our strains won the Emerald Cup the last two years. Unlike the Stanley’s, we don’t hide what our products are made of, and we have seeds. Just waiting for the laws to change. Too many people are relying on “Charlotte’s Web”. Personally, I have never seen results of what the flower produces, but anyone can make oil with less than 1%Cbd.

  5. seeds on

    Again…south Carolina and Florida struggles. I am curious to see if a seed company could be federally granted the ability to supply these newly added states.

  6. Chantel on

    The law nor the draft rules so far outline how the oil should be made. I think there should be some guidance given for this aspect as well. It’s too bad this law isn’t seen as a way to get decent folks with tons of knowledge out of the black market and allow them to be a respected part of the “legimate” industry.

  7. karin bosela on

    Why is it all I can find is articles about the legalization stating there are 5 dispensaries and 8 doctors but no one listing who they are? Even the governor’s office says they don’t know… they really must be stupid.

  8. Stuart Campbell on

    I have a son that has sever epilepsy and we live in Texas. Is it possible to receive the CBD oil in Texas or would he need to be a resident of Florida to receive the oil? We are originally from Florida and have several ties in Florida so that would not be a problem getting him back to Florida to receive this treatment. What is the process to get him set up to receive this treatment? Please help!!!

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