Illinois licenses first five adult-use marijuana retailers

Illinois awarded its first licenses to businesses that can sell recreational cannabis when it becomes legal in the state next year.

State regulators announced the five medical marijuana dispensaries where residents will be able to buy small amounts of recreational marijuana products starting Jan. 1.

The first group of licensees are all owned by Chicago-based Green Thumb Industries.

The state is expected to license dozens more stores in the weeks ahead, and existing MMJ operators get first crack at the rec cannabis market.

But there is a hitch: Individual municipalities can ban retail sales.

And state regulators reportedly have told MMJ operators that they won’t be given an adult-use license if they move to new sites after the law goes into effect Jan. 1.

Sponsors of the legislation that legalized adult-use sales have asked the state for flexibility on the issue, according to Crain’s Chicago Business.

Marijuana Business Daily projects that Illinois could generate up to $2.5 billion in sales a year when the market is mature.

Of the five Green Thumb MMJ dispensaries now licensed to sell adult-use cannabis, three are in Chicago’s suburbs: 3C Compassionate Care Centers in Joliet and Naperville and The Clinic Mundelein. However, Naperville’s City Council is considering banning retail sales.

The other two Green Thumb MMJ dispensaries now licensed to sell recreational marijuana are in central and southern Illinois: The Clinic Effingham and Salveo Health and Wellness in Canton.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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4 comments on “Illinois licenses first five adult-use marijuana retailers
  1. Nancy Omdahl on

    is cannabis in Illinois recreational market certified organic. Are the MSDS data viewable along with certifications of purity available for viewing ?

    • Brett Von Bergen on

      No cannabis is certified organic in any state, there are other regulatory bodies state by state that certify under different names, but the term “organic” is owned at the federal level and since cannabis is illegal at a federal level, then the USDA cannot certify the crop as organic. California has certification through “clean green certification” and other states probably have something similar. Not sure what Illinois is setting up, but you can bet that on day one there will be no certification on any cannabis being sold in the state.

    • IQof2 on

      Hello Nancy.

      That is a great question. According to HB 1438, Article 50, Section 50-5 Laboratory Testing,

      (c) Immediately before manufacturing or natural processing of any cannabis or cannabis-infused product or packaging cannabis for sale to a dispensary, each batch shall be made available by the cultivation center, craft grower, or infuser for an employee of an approved laboratory to select a random sample, which shall be tested by the approved laboratory for:
      (1) microbiological contaminants;
      (2) mycotoxins;
      (3) pesticide active ingredients;
      (4) residual solvent; and
      (5) an active ingredient analysis.


      (i) A cultivation center, craft grower, and infuser shall provide to a dispensing organization the laboratory test results for each batch of cannabis product purchased by the dispensing organization, if sampled. Each dispensary organization must have those laboratory results available upon request to purchasers.

      The bill also make references to labeling, Section 55-21, Cannabis product packaging and labeling. The requirements are quite lengthy to post here. I would suggest contacting your nearest medical dispensary and asking them.

      Hope this helps.

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