Israeli Company Debuts Cannabis-Based Flavor Additives

An Israeli company has released a new and innovative product line that may be something of a gamble: a non-psychoactive line of flavor additives derived from marijuana terpenes.

The company, Eybna Technologies, announced the new line in a press release, claiming that its product line is free of all THC and CBD and therefore can be shipped anywhere in the world. It said it has “growing interest from some of the world’s largest brands” in its products, which can lend a cannabis flavor and scent to any food or beverage.

Eybna also hinted in the release at coming lines of “cannabis flavored e-liquids and foods to cannabis-scented perfumes, clothes and more.” But it remains to be seen how big of a success such an additive will be without a kick of THC or CBD that traditional marijuana consumers look for.

The same work that led to the additive could lead to further medical cannabis developments, however, since Eybna happened across the additive line while researching medical benefits of terpenes. So yet more terpene-focused products could be on the horizon from the firm.