Louisiana MMJ Dispensary Bill Advances

Will Louisiana become the next medical marijuana market in the country – and the first in the South?

Possibly so.

The Louisiana Senate has passed a bill that would allow a small number of dispensaries and one grow site to open in the state – a milestone considering lawmakers shot down similar legislation last year.

The bill now goes to the House for approval. If it passes, Gov. Bobby Jindal has indicated he’ll sign the legislation as long as the market is tightly regulated.

Under the bill, 10 dispensaries would be allowed to open in Louisiana, and they could sell MMJ to patients with glaucoma, spastic quadriplegia and those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, according to

The state would be allowed to track sales, and lawmakers would have to revisit the law in five years.

The Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners and the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy would set rules on dispensaries, while the state’s Department of Agriculture would set rules on the grow site, reported.

The bill’s success so far, compared with the one last year that was shot down by a Senate committee, can be traced to collaboration with the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association, which has said the drug could possibly help patients. The sponsor of the bill, Sen. Fred Mills, is a pharmacist and said patients had spoken with him about the benefits of medical cannabis.

The state actually legalized medical marijuana decades ago, but lawmakers never set up a system for distributing the drug.

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4 comments on “Louisiana MMJ Dispensary Bill Advances
  1. David on

    I hope that Louisiana passes this medical bill. I left the South 15 years due to a necessity to reside in a MMJ State. Now that Washington is no longer a medical marijuana state, It would be nice to return home.

  2. skyhigh on

    One grow site? Nice way to set up a monopoly! I wonder which of there friends owns a huge farm that will get the job.
    To the person above I thought Washington offered medical and rec?

  3. no-ledge on

    They already said they won’t allow a private entity to control the grow site. In order to return the profits to the state, they’re looking to offer the grow contracts to state university ag departments.

  4. R. L. C. on

    Since there will be a $5000. NONREFUNDABLE application fee, one has to wonder just how many applications the great state of Louisians will allow? We are well known for our “Louisiana style politics” like the deduct box and the one with the biggest bribe winning the contract. Just check out the news archives for insurance and gambling licensing.

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