Lygos CBx scales up bio-based production of cannabinoids


A San Francisco Bay Area company that specializes in low-cost alternatives to plant-derived cannabinoids has launched commercial-scale production.

Lygos CBx will use its proprietary fermentation and processing technology to produce more than 100 kilograms of high-purity cannabinoids, including CBG, CBC, CBD and CBDA.

The company claims that, by using only selected portions of the cannabis plant’s metabolic pathway, it minimizes issues of separation and purification encountered with agricultural production.

A subsidiary of Berkeley, California-based Lygos, which has been producing sustainable organic acid specialty chemicals and bio-monomers for more than 10 years, Lygos CBx plans to scale up production throughout 2021.

“Over the past year, Lygos developed and scaled the CBx technology at an incredibly rapid pace,” said Nick Ohler, the company’s chief technology officer.

Lygos’ chief executive officer Eric Steen added that the company’s latest milestone is an important step on its path to providing high-quality, traceable, and natural cannabinoids at a scale required to supply the consumer packaged goods sector. In addition to consumer goods, the company hopes to provide cannabinoids to cosmetics, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Steen said: “Importantly, the modularity we have designed into our cannabinoid platform allows us to quickly adapt to the evolving market and react to the developing demand for our products, starting with CBG and CBC, and extending to a broader range of cannabinoids.”