Maine MMJ Caregiver Crackdown Possible

Medical cannabis caregivers in Maine enjoy a good amount of autonomy and some sizable competitive advantages over licensed dispensaries, as they don’t face the regulatory hurdles and state oversight that storefront operations encounter.

But that may be about to change.

The Department of Health and Human Services is backing a new legislative effort to give officials more oversight powers when it comes to Maine’s roughly 1,700 MMJ caregivers, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Caregivers are allowed to serve up to five patients and cultivate up to six plants per patient. Some operate pseudo businesses and make a living by selling medical marijuana to patients, dampening the market for licensed dispensaries.

The health department has limited oversight on caregivers, as it can’t force them to divulge much information or register their information.

So the agency came up with a bill that would give health officials more authority to enforce existing rules and penalize caregivers who overstep their bounds.

The Maine Association of Dispensary Operators is supporting the move, arguing that the freedom caregivers have puts the entire state’s industry in jeopardy by risking unnecessary federal attention, the newspaper reported.

Caregivers, however, are resisting and suggest that they’re being targeted unfairly. They point out that their reach is already limited to a handful of patients, while the state’s eight dispensaries can serve as many patients as they wish.

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7 comments on “Maine MMJ Caregiver Crackdown Possible
  1. Gentle Jim on

    caregivers keep prices low by assuring that the market has low cost production for medical patients. remember they are producing cannabis at the request of certified cardholder.
    God bless all who fight to end the war on drugs, and the outright Lies that have kept this medical plant from mankind.

  2. bruce on

    Sounds like a familiar tune. The so called “powers that be” want to suck up every penny and freedom possible. Hopefully the people won’t go down easy.

  3. LB on

    What is ridiculous is just how badly this situation is that the ME Assoc of Dispensary Operators actually have the audacity to even open their mouths. ASSOCIATION OF DISP OPERATOR(s).. The state has 8 Dispensaries and 4 are owned by one company!! Wellness! Guess what this America and 1700 over 1=(4)and then 4 ?? Hmmm YOUR OUTVOTED!! Go find something else to do with ya life

  4. Richard K on

    This article is pandering to the new cartels, the dispensaries. The Assoc of Dispensary Owners is supporting the crack down. Is this what the ‘industry’ is all about? Too bad your website is selling us out to a new brand of crooks right before our eyes. Shame on MJBizdaily.

  5. Bud Green Care on

    As a licensed Caregiver I think this is no more then a power grab. If they are successful the price will forever remain high. Many of us CG’s donate a fair amount to patients that have no means to buy it, the dispensary’s would like that practice to be banned as well! How many patients get donations from dispensary’s?…..The problem with dispensary’s is greed, they want it all!! I say the 1700 CG’s need to stand strong and fight these giants and put them in their place! They are no more then a piece of the M.M. puzzle just as we CG’s are, there is room for all!!With each passing day there are more patients to serve. With time there will be more then the current system can handle so we CG’s and Dispensary’s need to unite not fight!!

  6. think tank extracts on

    dispensary’s are suppose to be “non profit” yet they continue to charge outrageous prices with sub par products ,this is coming from a patient whom started with a disp. and switched to a caregiver ,people in this industry need to realize its patient preference and without the patients there would be no MMJ industry,anyone who knows about growing cannabis knows once dialed in you can produce for a couple dollars per gram and thats indoor ,15$grams i dont care how much overhead disp. have thats crazy. take it back to the outdoor and were talkin pennys just a patients perspective

  7. Catherine Lewis on

    I am on the board of the Maine Caregivers Association. The caregivers in Maine need to stand together against the out of state interests looking to shut down the small mom and pop businesses that are supporting the households of over 1700 small farmers that care for 5 patients each but donate for free to many many more! Help us help you! MMCM-ONLINE.ORG

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