Massachusetts gov: Time running out on rec cannabis deal

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If Massachusetts legislators are unable to reach a compromise over regulations for the state’s recreational marijuana industry, it may be time to implement the voter-approved law as it currently stands, Gov. Charlie Baker said.

A six-member negotiating committee trying to resolve differences between a House-passed bill that overhauls the recreational pot law and a Senate version calling for more modest changes met privately Tuesday, but once again, no deal was reached.

The panel already has missed a self-imposed June 30 deadline for delivering a bill to Baker’s desk, and then the House Speaker temporarily put the adult-use talks on hold so lawmakers could focus on the state budget.

Seemingly frustrated by the delays, the Republican governor said, “At some point we are going to have to go forward with the law as it was written.”

Among other things, the law requires Baker to begin appointing a Cannabis Advisory Board by Aug. 1.

– Associated Press