Medical Marijuana Meeting at San Jose City Council, Tues Sept 13 1:30pm

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Perhaps it’s a good sign for business?  Pot club regulations are the first agenda item to be discussed at tomorrow’s Council meeting at San Jose CA City Hall… but not the last.

After the council discusses medical marijuana business  issues including number and location of clubs, how clubs obtain their marijuana, and how to select which clubs can operate in the city; they’ll then move briskly along to the topic of whether to rehire pensioners for civil service, oking a cultural proposal for the city, and whether or not to approve a new master plan for the Coyote Creek Trail.

In other words, pot shops are just another day at the Council meeting.

Becoming a routine on the list of business to discuss, is a great step forward for the pot industry.  Success is about being normal, even a little dull, instead of hotly contested.