Nevada gaming panel: Casinos should stay out of cannabis business

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, Nevada gaming panel: Casinos should stay out of cannabis business

It looks as if MJBizCon won’t have to relocate its long-running November show.

A Nevada gambling commission unanimously recommended Monday that a strict wall be maintained between casinos and the cannabis industry.

However, the group also said it should remain permissible for gaming licensees to host marijuana industry business conferences.

“The gaming industry and the marijuana industry shall not meet,” said Tony Alamo, chair of the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee, summarizing part of a resolution the panel approved Monday.

“The gaming licensee cannot directly participate in the marijuana industry as a landlord, tenant or through business relationships.”

The panel’s resolution isn’t binding and, thus, is intended to be taken under consideration by the Gaming Control Board and the Nevada Gaming Commission, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Alamo noted the resolution also recommends “allowing conferences and conventions in the marijuana industry – and this is the key – as long as state, federal and local municipality laws are not broken.”

Such conferences should be “related to the trade, and other trade or educational activities that do not facilitate the actual possession or consumption of marijuana on a licensed property,” according to the resolution.

That means that MJBizCon, hosted each November in Las Vegas by Marijuana Business Daily, won’t have to find a new home.

The resolution emerged after a hearing last November at which MJBizDaily CEO Cassandra Farrington testified.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval predicted that more questions on how to best regulate MJ and its interactions with other industries “will continue to emerge throughout the country.”

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